Sheeped out

Today, after Mass, we went back to the fest again. Yes, again. I ended up taking the three Eldest because they’re not yet capable of watching a Packers game with Daddy in the proper manner. It’s a good thing they at least claim to like sheep and sheepdogs and yarn and spinning wheels.

Once again I did not take many pictures of the place itself, or the vendors. Molly Bee, who darted in and out on Saturday morning without so much as a by-your-leave, scooped up a beautiful spinning wheel and took some pictures, so I refer you to her.

Brandy and I met up again. I swear she must have just known when I would arrive because I was just loading kids into the double stroller and there she was. Thank goodness, too, because when it came time for me to hang with the spinning demo folk and try to inhale some good spinning karma she volunteered to take the Wonder Twins to see the sheepdog trials (“Mom, the dogs were chasing the sheep!”).

Total haul from the weekend:

* three bags “starter” spinning fiber from a local sheep named “Wookie”
* two knitted finger puppets: one black sheep, one cream alpaca to remind me of my herds-to-be
* “leftover” chocolate and cream alpaca yarn
* a rubber stamp depicting my exact spinning wheel
* a free issue of Sheep! magazine
* prize fiber for Michelle at Boulderneigh
* 4.5 ounces of Jacob Sheep roving, which I knew I would kick myself for not buying while I had the chance, so I bought it

Next year… I hope to have a booth there. There. I said it. It’s a formal goal now. And when I can tell you exactly why I will be there and what I will be selling… I promise that I will. If you live in Wisconsin, you will want to buy one. And until I get off my butt and work on that project, I’d better just leave it at that.

By the way, Sheep! magazine looks to be really good. I have worked on magazines, so I think you can trust me on this one. Based on what I have skimmed out of the current issue, I think my future herd will be just fiber animals, and not meat-market lambs. So let me know what you want to have spun up. 🙂 I’m leaning right now towards Shetlands and/or Jacob sheep. They look like a manageable size, with naturally multicolored fleeces. I also liked the Lincolnshire Longwools, but they were Seriously. Huge. Animals. Might as well just have horses if I’m looking at shearing a 200+ pound animal.

Mass was interesting, too. Last week I ended up taking all four kids to Mass by myself. We sat in the back of the church and it was awful. Nobody smiled, said Hi, or ever offered to help with anything. And obviously I was struggling. But my attitude afterwards was, This is my church and I will keep coming, no matter what.

This weekend we got there late and couldn’t find seats together in the back. The ushers said they could find us a place.

Q: Where is there space for a family of six coming late to Mass?
A: Why, the front row, silly!

The front-of-church people were much more charmed by our little family, the choir was back in session, the organ was in use. Everything was better. And that’s when I remembered the reading from the previous week. It was the one that says, when you get to a special event, don’t seat yourself with the important people so that the host will come in and demote you. Rather, place yourself in a low station so that when the host comes in he will say, Friend, go up higher. Gulp. That’s kid of a scary text when you put it into practice.

Anyway, we made it. I think we’ll go back next week.

Now I’m off to bed. Last night I couldn’t sleep because my mind was busy trying to spin up the Wookie wool. Goodness knows what it will busy itself with tonight.

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  1. Thanks for meetin up with me and sharing in the Fuzzy Llama! 🙂 I had a great time!

    Oh, and regarding taking children to church by yourself – you are a saint. I wouldn’t have even attempted it with 4. Two is hard enough that we only go every other week or so (since I have to take them myself), and only if everyone wakes up in a good mood.

  2. I hear you on not wanting to travel the entire length of the church to the front when running late with little ones. I hate it too. But usually the priest will be understanding – esp when he sees you trying to manage your flock in the pew!

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