Contest winner!

And our contest winner (remember, we had a contest? Lo those many moons ago?) is…

Michelle at Boulderneigh!

Michelle, I forgot to pick up extra goodies for a prize when I was at the fest today. So if you’re out there tonight, comment and let me know what you’d like to have. A book, some fiber, some yarn… it can be yours. And let me tell you, I saw some baby camel blends that were, as Cheesehead With Sticks put it, dreamy. If I don’t hear from you before I head out tomorrow, I will just put together a nice prize package of something you don’t have immediate access to (i.e. from your own flock). E-mail me so I can get your mailing address!

Brandy and I already scored some nice goodies from the WI S&WF, and petted and drooled on all the rest. And we’re going back tomorrow to take pictures, we Swear To God. If Brandy survives the night in her cheap motel.

Want to know what I picked up? Pictures sometime, descriptions now. Spinning fiber from a sheep named “Wookie.” A rubber stamp of Maggie May. Alpaca yarn to knit up a keepsake. Finger puppets to keep me on task (a black sheep and an alpaca).

And — oh. I must say. As much as you think knitters are enablers, spinners are worse. And shepherds are even even so much worse than spinners. Folks — even though I did move to the country, we’re only renting. We don’t have land or a barn. Can’t adopt a flock of Shetlands or Angora goats or bison or whatever. Not yet. No matter how much good karma it adds to the world. Not yet.  But, we’re planning to add lots of good, in the form of sheep and alpacas and maybe a stray horse or two. Eventually.

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  1. SO the closer to the source, the worse the enabling? Interesting. I have a herd of Angora Goats in my ideal homestead.

  2. OH, GOODY, GOODY, GOODY! I was gone this weekend on a horse camping trip, so just logged on and learned that I won! Sorry I wasn’t around to give you input, but hey, it’ll be a surprise and I’m sure I’ll love it.

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