The pull of the wool

Okay, I couldn’t resist. Brandy, you can go ahead and hate me again now, because the thought of struggling with the kids all evening not ten miles from a wool fest was just too much, and after dinner I wiped everyone off and dragged them to the no-admission night.

We got there at 7:30, so only had 30 minutes to run our eyes over everything. Does that make me ADD, that I like to go to new places (note: of my choosing) and drag my eyes across all the visuals? (INPUUUUUUUT, INPUUUUUUT)

I took the double stroller so I could strap Jack in. You’d better believe this was important. But all the kids were good, and I praised them highly.

We went through two huge pole barns (i.e. Country Store East and Country Store West) and ran our collective eyes over locks, batts, roving, skeins, finished knitting, weaving, wheels, spindles, combs, notions, knitted animals, finger puppets, books, old magazines, looms, and even Angora rabbits. JC and Colleen ran right away to the rabbits. There’s even a giveaway for one. On the way home we decided to make it a yearlong family project to find out everything we could about Angora rabbits and rabbit keeping, so by this time next year we will know if we really want to take care of one (or if we are just lustful). Since I think the dog will view the rabbit as a snack, I would rather not even get into this territory until the dog has passed. So this “research project” may stretch on for longer than a year, or I may just decide to manipulate the data. Yet I digress. (Does that mean I have ADD?)

Then we passed through two of the sheep barns, where very few of the sheep were set up for the weekend. There were, however, three ewe-and-lamb pairs penned together. The lambs were 7-10 days old and I must say the ewes were downright suspicious. My kids didn’t poke their fingers in the pen but did say “BAAAA” all the way through the barns. How original.

The sun had fully set when we left at 7:56 and I hadn’t spent a dime. (They all, however, want me to buy them knitted finger puppets when I go over tomorrow.)

I can totally see how someone could spend a small fortune, or a large one if that were all that was available, at one of these festivals. I saw Jacob Sheep roving at $2/ounce and felt a strong urge to shoplift. So I need a firm plan before I go back tomorrow. My main plan is to get breed information so that I’ll know what sheep to have on my own farm. But practically, I know I’m going to buy yarn and/or fiber this weekend that I will learn to spin on, so I want to make a wise choice. Any suggestions?

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  1. Oh, I don’t hate you. This just means you can lead me to the good stuff faster. Muahah!

    I’ve been given the assignment to gather information on alpacas and “look for a good deal on one”. Um, ya. While I am all for loving and having an alpaca or three, perhaps maybe they need a shelter and pasture first?

    And maybe you better put that plan into writing so I don’t throw you off. I hear I’m a really good enabler…

  2. Oh you make me smile, reading your words – I completely understand about the ADD, I’ve wondered if I have adult-onset recently. And the praising highly, oh yes.
    Glad to hear you are having a fabulous and fiber-filled time. Jacob sheep, bliss.

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