Greeeeeen Acres is the place to be

Farrrrrrrrrm livin’ is the life for me. But it needs internet!

(ahem) This hiatus has been brought to you by Charter Communications and a discrepancy between the meaning of “Highway Y” and “County Road Y.” But now that I’m hooked up again, as it were, I’m all charged up because THIS WEEKEND I GET TO GO TO THE WISCONSIN SHEEP AND WOOL FESTIVAL!

And it is pretty nearly Right. Down. The. Freaking. Street.

Okay, we’re in the country (and it’s a matter of dispute exactly where we are), so it’s a danged long street. But we’re about ten miles from a statewide fiber festival and I’ve never been to one before, I am almost ready to teach myself how to spin, I have knit the recognizable components of a sweater, and I have Knitting Friends to do meetups with and I am so excited!

Oh, during my two weeks away, did I miss anything? I am drafting this offline on Tuesday, several days before I’m actually hooked up to the Internet Tubes, so if there’s anything mission critical out there that I need to be caught up upon, please be a dear and give me a gentle nudge in the right direction.

Magazine note: I bought the Vogue Knitting anniversary issue and liked the articles and profiles very much. And the up-front photo of all the knitting needles was like a checklist for me and the kids.

But I didn’t see myself knitting a single item from the issue.

Then. Interweave Knits came out with their fall issue. I want to knit Almost. Every. Single. Thing. I tried to tell Eunny Jang at her new blog, but I couldn’t leave a comment because I apparently can’t untangle from Blogger account from my Google account, and her system is kinda fussy. But still. IK and Eunny Jang rock! Even if I can’t remember all my identities. Not Eunny Jang’s fault.

Knitwise, when I couldn’t do anything else I decided to cast on for the Tyrone sleeve. At this point (Tuesday noon) I have one finished sleeve and I’m done with the cuff on the second sleeve. I have increases every six rows, which intersects with the multiples-of-eigth rows I’m doing to get the color changes “right,” so I’m going to have to work the second sleeve quickly so I can remember what I did to make it come out the same. There was one stitch glitch in Sleeve One but I am trying to ignore it. On the other hand, I didn’t break yarn between the color changes on the sleeve, just in case it looks really horrible when I attach them and I want to do them over.

I’m also working on the Irish Hiking Scarf, about a repeat every other day. I can look at it now and see some days when I was falling asleep when I worked. (There was one night I would have sworn I knit more backwards than forwards, though that just can’t be possible. But maybe that explains something.) I don’t want to rip it out though, I want to finish it. I am sure that any small mistakes will sort of felt together, and the second one will be even better.

Friday update: Just got hooked up, thanks for waiting! Of course I still have two kids crawling all over me as I try to type and read, so be patient. Mr. Beth will be out of town tonight so instead of running off to the woolfest I will be catching up then, and figuring out who won the contest.
I have both the Tyrone sleeves done, and as soon as I figure out how to make them have the correct (and matching) number of live stitches I will knit them onto the sweater body. Think I’ll need some wine for that.

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  1. YAY! She’s back! Congrats on the new digs. I’ll be at the festival down the street from your house on Saturday morning! I’ll be wearing a red and white toile shirt! Maybe I’ll run into you!

  2. Missed you and glad you’re back.

  3. Hey, welcome back to the blogosphere!
    I’m sure it’s still insane there in the move aftermath, but HAVE A GREAT TIME at the fibery festival (can’t come, boo, have three events here this weekend!) and I’m sure we’ll be ‘talking’!

  4. Yay! Welcome back!

    Have you checked out Crazy Aunt Purl’s crazy cat-sweater sweepstakes? So awesome. I’m totally knitting a “cat” “sweater.” 🙂

  5. Yee Haw! You’re back. 🙂 Was the hookup to the tubes all frankensteinish – like a big switch and power vaccum surge? (Of course not, but it’s a fun picture in your head for a second, wasn’t it?)

    At least now I don’t have to be jealous of you tonight when neither one of us are shopping around at the festival! Ha – that was horrible of me! I’ll make it up to you somehow.

    I’ll be down at the festival bright and early tomorrow. After my class (4pm) I’m gonna quick run through the market, then go check into the motel, and then head your way! I can’t wait to see the place. Maybe we can tip back a few beverages and actually knit together for once.

    I’m SQUEEEING with excitement!

  6. Congratulations on the new place AND the internet connection (finally)! So now that you live in the country, are you going to get SHEEP? I recommend Shetlands; GREAT fiber, small and easily managed, friendly and smarter than your average “Big White Sheep.”

  7. Well, it’s about time! It’s been awfully quiet around this old blogosphhere without you, my girl. (Partly my fault – I haven’t exactly been contributing my share lately….) Can hardly wait to see PICTURES of the new place and the knitting.

    Re Vogue – I can’t remember the last time I wanted to knit anything of theirs.

    Re festivals – what, you mean there’s actually something out there other than the RhinebeckRhinebeckRhinebeck that’s all I can think about these days? Hope you have a great time – wish I could be one of the meetups.

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