Hour Ten, plus a Contest

It’s not really the eleventh hour yet for this move…. since Mr. Beth is still sleeping, and all his grand plans for getting enough boxes to get everything packed can’t be put into action yet. But I don’t know when I’ll have another chance to post. So…..

I actually knit on the IHS last night. I’ve been trying to do one repeat a night, no matter what. It takes me between 40 minutes and an hour to do those eight rows, depending on what distractions I have. (See, I told you I was slow.) But I got it done, and I’m not sure I have enough yarn from the first skein to do a full repeat. So I’m very nearly half done with the scarf, except for blocking.

I love the pattern, and I love the yarn Mr. Beth picked out. It has little bits of color, but shows the cables very well. I think it’s going to look outstanding after it’s blocked. The only thing I wish I had done was to knit a couple rows of garter stitch before I started the actual pattern. I started this project a long time ago, and I think my cast-on edge looks rough. It’s a little too late to do it now! But if I make another one (and I likely will, since I’ve now memorized the pattern) that is how I will modify it.

Maybe I will host a contest!

Have you ever knit a pattern multiple times without changing it in some way? Tell us this wonder pattern! Or, tell us about your favorite pattern and how you have changed it so much every time that you think your name should be on the copyright notice. Be creative and you could win a prize: how about yarn or fiber from the WI Sheep & Wool Festival?


Movewise, today’s goal is to pack the upstairs and move all those boxes (and five beds, don’t ask) downstairs so I can thoroughly clean the upstairs rooms. Also to bring the basement items up and store them in the garage. That way when our helpers come tomorrow to load the big truck, nobody will have to go up and down stairs. Aren’t we considerate? No such luck for the unloading crew on Sunday, I’m afraid, but at least we already know where everything is going to go.

I also have to take care of change of address, ordering new checks, and transferring all utilities to the new place. Ha!

I wonder who will be entertaining the children while Mr. Beth and I take care of all these necessary things? Oh, that’s right, they will amuse themselves. Without running in the house, opening the packed boxes, climbing on the packed boxes, coloring on the walls, fingerpainting on the windows, pulling the tape out of their favorite videotapes, poking each other, stealing each other’s favorite toys, drinking from each other’s cups, or looking at each other wrong. Not that they have ever done any of those things in their sweet angelic lives.

Good golly, I can’t even type that with a straight face.

Maybe this is the last post until after the move, maybe I will be able to sneak another in sometime. Regardless, I’m looking forward to hearing about your favorite (un)altered knitting pattern. If you’ve never commented before, this would be a great time to start!

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  1. Good luck with the move! I’m sure the children will be angels. Or you could always tie them to chairs in the kitchen to keep them in one place.

    I think the only things I’ve ever knit twice without changing the pattern are Clapotis and my Linen-Stitch Baby Tanks. Oh, and Sheldon. But none of them were much fun for me the second time — I’m not a big fan of doing things over again!

  2. There are two patterns I’ve knit multiple times without ever ever changing them: Wendy’s cabled catnip-mouse pattern, and the darling baby booties from “Knitting Pretty.” Both are perfect exactly the way they are. I’ve knit 7 or 8 of the baby booties, and maybe 20 of the catnip mice.

    My brother and his fiancee (whose cats have been the recipient of five of these catnip mice) say the mice look more like nacho chips. “Oh look, Julie brought more nachos for the kitties!” I’m starting to come around to their way of thinking, apparently; I recently knit 3 more, and kept thinking of them as nachos. 🙂

    Good luck with the move! I’m sure the kiddoes will entertain themselves admirably. 🙂

  3. I’ve got no bits to add for your pattern stories. I just wanted to say good luck with the move and don’t forget about me at WI Sheep and Wool. I’m registering today and trying to book a hotel room in Jefferson on the cheap. We’ll have to be in touch before Saturday.

  4. And as far as the kids go… well… even more Good Luck! Any new unseen movies hanging around the house? If not, make a run to the local library and check out your limits worth 🙂

  5. Thinking about ya! Here’s to as smooth a transition as possible!
    Knitting a pattern without changing it?? About as likely for me as children my behaving angelically without close supervision plus/minus bribing or threats.
    But there is one classic pattern which I have knit multiple times without changing it as such — it’s the classic washcloth/diagonal blanket pattern, as so eloquently described in this essay by Michelle Edwards:
    Love that.
    I’ve made dishrags (of course), baby blankets, sachets, and coasters from this same pattern. Simplicity sometimes needs no elaboration.

  6. Great luck with your move. I don’t envy you…

  7. For me, dishcloths are the kind of mindless knitting and are needed in such quantities that I rarely try to modify the pattern. Both the classic washcloth that Cathy-Cate mentioned and the Ball Band dishcloth are patterns that I’ve made multiple times without changing anything.

    Best wishes for the move!

  8. Are you moved woman?

    I knit a ball band dishcloth cum warshcloth (I always thought it was spelled that way as an East Coast kid)whilst experiencing my recent convalescence. Methinks I will make more. It’s mindless and I used cheap cotton yarn from a skein larger than my head. HH likes the texture if you know what I mean, Jelly Bean. That’s why it’s a warshcloth.


  9. I wanted to let everyone here know that the move is progressing nicely in every area but with our internet/cable/phone setup. So it may be a few days yet before Beth can post her update. We’re settling into the new house, Beth is getting more unpacked every day, the kids are registered for school, etc.

    BUT I know what update you’re really here for:

    Beth has done a few repeats on the IHS, and spent her spare time (all few seconds of it) admiring Maggie May. I haven’t seen her frog or tink anything.

    Hope all your knitting is coming along nicely, and Beth should be back anyday now.

    All the best —

    Mr. Beth

  10. Moving is a pain, we all know, but the selfish part of all of us misses you terribly and we want that internet connection sooner rather than later. After all, how will we know what is happening with the IHS? (I always feel like I am in church when I write that.) What about the long-awaited photos? Mr. Beth, it’s time to let Beth upgrade her account so we can do more than imagine. Oh, and by the way. there is a flock of colored Angora goats (think mohair) for sale in Minnesota if you’re interested.

    Did I say we miss you?

  11. ***UPDATE***

    Beth got through to Charter, and should be back online by noon Sept. 7. I’d imagine she’ll have a new post up that evening at the latest.

    Lauren: I haven’t seen the IHS out recently, Beth has been busy with the Tyrone sweater. Photos will probably be awhile before they get updated. And believe me, I am not holding anyone back from an upgraded account.

    Happy knitting.

    – Mr. Beth

  12. ***UPDATE II***

    Beth just told me to write in that anyone wanting to meet her at Sheep & Wool fest in Jefferson, Wis., on Saturday (Sept. 8) can get her cell number by contacting Brandy.

    – Mr. Beth

  13. I am going to compete in this contest after all. At first I didn’t think I qualified, as I haven’t knit long enough to have that many projects under my belt. But then I realized that I made SEVERAL scarves from the same simple diagonal pattern off a Lion Brand ball band while getting my knitting fingers “wet,” then knitted several of Crazy Aunt Purl’s simple roll-brim hat recipe without alteration (that one NEEDED alteration; some pizza platters I had to frog and start over, some I gave up and left too big for the recipient :-(. I’ve knitted two BSJs (I’m not rubbing it in, Beth!) and will do more of those without changing the pattern; how could I dare improve on Elizabeth Zimmerman??? And I’m minutes away from finishing a mini-cardigan pattern I just LOVE and already have yarn to start another, but will definitely be altering it to make it less cropped. (My middle-age tummy needs a bit more coverage!) Also, the giant buttonholes aren’t necessary, so I did a simple yarn-over that worked just fine.
    There! I would swoon over fiber OR yarn from your WI Sheep and Wool Festival excursion; hint, hint!

  14. Oops, I forgot! I DID modify the first BSJ I knit, because the sleeves ended up way too short for a lanky five-year-old. But my BSJ #2 followed the directions, and I will do more that way for baby gifts.

  15. Where are you????? Go here: http://www.knittingmother.blogspot.com/

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