Mom, the ceiling fell down!

So, about 24 hours after using my knitting needles to make drain holes in the entryway ceiling, my kids ran into my bedroom and announced that the ceiling had fallen down.

While that description wasn’t entirely accurate — it was just a 12×24 inch or so chunk of the wettest part — it was certainly a Sign Of Things To Come. And it made me all the more grateful when I got a return call from the insurance-agency-recommended cleanup place.

They showed up at 1pm, and by 4pm the ceiling had been torn down, all insulation removed, rotted boards detected, the roof securely covered with a tarp, everything hauled out, and the carpet steam cleaned. It probably won’t all be fixed before we leave, but at least the beginning of the fix is here, and further damage has been thwarted. The entryway is a small space (6 by 8 feet or so), and the leaks didn’t affect the rest of the house. All things considered, it’s about the smallest terrible thing that could have happened, and the room was completely emptied before the ceiling collapsed.

I lost a lot of ground in packing, but finished the first section of Tyrone. You can see the progress shot on the Backyardiknits blog, here. Now to start the sleeves.

By the way, I seem to have plenty of image storage space over at the other blog, so I will cross-post whenever I put new pictures up there. 

This morning I had my first mammogram. The technician said that some women complained about the pain and said it was worse than childbirth. I have to wonder about what kind of birthing experiences they had. Even if you had to do it annually I think the temporary discomfort is nothing compared to chemo or radiation. So ladies? Git ‘er done.

Today’s surprise will be posted this afternoon or evening, with a picture, so keep stopping by.

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  1. Holy cow – something always happens just as you’re moving out, doesn’t it?! In our last house it was a hopelessly-clogged disposal, the night before the movers showed up, and we had to have the Emergency Plumber in. (Learn from my mistake, everyone, and NEVER EVER put mashed-potato flakes down the disposal.)

    I’ve been through both experiences twice, and I’m here to say no way is a mammogram more painful than childbirth! 🙂 The mammogram is a little uncomfortable, but not actually painful.

    Can’t wait to see the surprise!

  2. Those women who compared mammograms to childbirth must have had an epidural put in two weeks before their due date — or been very lucky in their labors! (or maybe senility was setting in…) Yah, mammograms are not precisely enjoyable, especially if you’re smaller or larger than the average, but compared to labor? Sheesh! Good job getting one, though.
    Sympathy for the house. Of course, we have HOUSES sliding onto highways here, so — ya know — could be worse! At least you still have a house to sell! Good luck with it all.

  3. Can’t speak to childbirth, but in my experience a mammogram is barely even uncomfortable. Maybe I’m just insensitive.

    As for the ceiling falling – mine fell many months ago and has stayed that way. Spose I oughta do something about it one of these days, huh. Specially since the leak is still there….

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