Tuesdays are for enemas

I promise not to get into the details… but today’s errands are filled with paperwork and last-minute fixes as well as an actual enema.

Yesterday we discovered that the ceiling of the front entryway has been taking on water. It had been stained but we really didn’t notice it. Until yesterday, when I noticed the floor was wet and the ceiling was dripping. I used a German wooden knitting needle to poke holes in the ceiling to drain off the bulk of the water into a tub formerly used to hold Colleen’s toys. Today I’m off to the insurance agent’s to see if we’re covered. It rained all weekend, so I suspect lots of folks are having the same problem.

I also need to drop off paperwork at the real estate office. And finally I really do have to pick up a pediatric enema kit. Poor Tom, doc says he’s full of $#!%.

Knitwise, I just did the first round of the second orange stripe of Tyrone. I have a feeling that once I measure the work, I’ll be surprised at how close I am to needing to start on the sleeves. It all seems too small for Jack. At this point I’m just trusting the pattern. At any rate it doesn’t seem like it would be too hard to make the next sweater.  JC says, “Mom, you’re a very good knitter, and that’s what really counts.” (I have him completely conned. I think he just wants the next sweater.)

I haven’t picked up the Irish Hiking Scarf since Friday night. Maybe I’ll try to work in a repeat a night so it keeps moving along. I finally got an invite to join the IHS KAL, but it’s been so long since I started a Google account I’ll probably have to start another one so I can participate.

Tommy was up several times in the night, so right now he’s not sure if he wants breakfast or an 8:30am nap. I’m trying to stuff in as many calories as I can before he gives up.

Pictures later… and my big surprise tomorrow!

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  1. No comments? Come on, that has got to be the best title for a post! Little baby enemas though, not so good. Leaky ceiling, ditto. But German knitting needles are surprisingly versatile. Now I know.

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