Setting things right

Now I feel like I’m on the right track with projects again.

Tyrone: Cast on to the new needles (in a flash of good karma, the brand of needle I chose happened to be 50 percent off in an unadvertised sale) and I’m on the third row of ribbing. The Cascade is really nice to work with, but since I’m still in a section of yarn that’s been used for two gauge swatches and rewound, it’s a little splitty. I’ll bet the un-knitted section is just fine, and the color is grand.

BSJ: I frogged what I had, re-skeined onto the table legs from the cake, tied up the skein, and gave both skeins a lavender baby shampoo bath, rinse, and spin in the washing machine. (By the way, why is there agitation in the “soak” cycle? I nearly had a stroke as I rushed to turn off the washing machine.) The skeins hung up overnight to fully dry, but they’re still a bit damp. I want them to be perfectly dry before I wind them up. And start again.

Irish Hiking Scarf: Ready to pop into the Racing Knitting bag for work on the weekend.

I also have acquired a sort of commission piece, in which I’m going to try to knit a replacement for a Packer fan’s long-lost favorite hat. It’s going to involve searching for the right yarn, finding or creating a workable pattern, and stranded colorwork. I hope I can get it done before the end of the season. 🙂 Look for updates as I work on solving this puzzle.

Irish Fest promo: The music is the main attraction for many. Today’s link goes to a band named Enter the Haggis. Seriously, how neat a band name is that? I don’t think I have heard them before, but I plan to listen this year. Personal connection: at our wedding reception, one of the dishes served was chicken breast stuffed with haggis. It got lots of compliments, especially from people who would have been appalled if they’d known what was in it. Did I mention we were married on St. Patrick’s Day? I probably should have.

What else is there? Oh yes, Doctor Who. With only three episodes remaining of the Ninth Doctor’s season, last night I watched two of them, grudgingly leaving the exciting conclusion for tonight. When, I just realized, it will have to wait until after Top Chef.

Will Howie finally get kicked off the show for being sullen, mean, and uncommunicative? Will Hung finally cook tasty food? Will Casey take another dip in the hot tub? The whole world is watching.

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  1. Ah, but have you ever MADE haggis…? I have, and – oh, you don’t want to know. (I don’t mean what’s in it, which obviously you do know; I mean what the process is like. And how long you have to fumigate the house afterward.)

    Having done a Packers project myself, I can certainly point you toward someone who can provide exactly the right yarn – naming no names but of course it’s Jennifer.

    Also, about your adventures in washing and re-skeining frogged yarn – sorry I didn’t think of this sooner, but I recently did that with a sample skein of sock yarn (I had frogged the latest series of Nine Tailors swatches and wanted to refresh the yarn before starting the next incarnation), and this method worked very well: I skeined it, sprayed it with water till it was thoroughly damp, then put the skein back on the swift (spose I could have just left it there the whole time) and extended the latter to its maximum reasonable size, putting some tension on the yarn, but not enough to overstretch it. And just left it there to dry. Which it did pretty quickly, being in front of the air conditioner/fan. Might not work as well for a heavier gauge and a bigger skein, but the sock yarn came out looking smooth and pristine.

  2. So, are you watching Dr. Who on DVD? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!!! the Dr. but have been unable to watch it in years!! Haggis kind of makes me shudder but hey, I’ve eaten squirrel before and that makes other people shudder.

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