Gee your yarn smells terrific!

Whew! I finally got a gauge I liked for the Tyrone sweater — 5 sts/in. Unfortunately (you guessed it) I don’t have the needle length I need to cast on. Size 6 strikes again. So the morning errands today will include a Herrschners run, as well as a quick stop somewhere else to get some nice-smelling gentle soap for wool washing. (I wonder if they still make Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific?)

70s/80s Flashback!!

When you use / Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific / shampoo / boys say Gee, your hair smells terrific / to you

What a great ad campaign, huh? And we each bought a bottle, didn’t we? Tell the truth!

[Edit: you can buy some here! Who would have thought! No, I didn’t buy any. I found a bottle of Johnson’s baby shampoo with natural lavender and chamomile and thought, “It doesn’t get any better than this.”]

Back to knitting. After getting gauge for Tyrone without the proper needle, and realizing I didn’t have the soap I wanted to wash the BSJ wool, I went to plan RS and watched the first episode from Season Two of Remington Steele.

Exit Murphy and Bernice, enter Doris Roberts and a new opening. There was no marking anywhere on the DVD indicating that this would be a 90 minute special. Or was it two hours? Everyone was gorgeous, the adventure took place in Acapulco (with some grainy video that must have been file footage from the Acapulco Tourism Board), but the whole plot was terribly complicated and I got tired. (I know, I know.)

Slept through a riotous wind and lightning storm, and here we are.

Today’s Milwaukee Irish Fest link is to the Trinity Irish Dancers. You can’t go to Irish Fest without seeing a performance, a warmup, or just a flood of dresses and ringlets running to their next stage. The first time Colleen saw them she climbed on the picnic table and started dancing along. (Both my oldest think they can do Irish dancing. It’s a hoot and a half.) I don’t even try to dance… but my heart is dancing inside whenever I hear Irish music.

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  1. Regardless of shampoo, boys mostly said to me, “Did you try to cut your own hair again?” (Apparently I am a slow learner, as I only gave that foolishness up last year.) 🙂

    I don’t attempt Irish dancing either, despite my mostly-Irish heritage, but I sure do love the music!

  2. I almost have hubby talked into going to Irish Fest next weekend! We love Gaelic Storm and may try to catch one of their shows as well as buying Irish music and jewelry of course! 🙂

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