Yeah, show this

Whew! I got a call this morning at 9:30 requesting a showing at 11am. We did it, but man that was a stressor.

To introduce my kids to the country life, we spent the time driving out to the Saint Francis Horse Rescue, where I had intended to be a regular volunteer. Instead, I go out every once in a while and help out. It’s kind of a retirement home for horses who have not been cared for properly. Almost all the horses can be adopted or at least sponsored. There are dozens of volunteers who go out to the farm regularly to clean, feed, brush, ride, and everything else that needs doing.

JC and I groomed one of the horses, put hay in the hay racks in the barn stalls, and swept out one of the aisles. Colleen got to pet a couple of horses after we were done.

Sadly, just the previous day they had to put down Gypsy and another horse, who had colicked. Gypsy was almost thirty years old and a daughter of Secretariat. Yes, that Secretariat. You’d think she would have had a cushy life with proper care, but I’m sorry to say some people collect horses with absolutely no thought as to the care they require. Luckily she was found and got to have a nice easy retirement.

The baby blanket got delivered to the new grandfather (Mr. Beth’s boss) and got a good reception. I’ll make a separate little gift of the washing instructions and the extra yarn (about the size of a golf ball) for any future mending.

I wonder, can I sneak in a picture here?

CR baby blanket

Haha! It’s not a good representation of the color, but shows it behaving nicely on the blocking surface. And it’s an FO.

I swatched for the Tyrone sweater but didn’t like the 4.5 st/in I got, so I ripped it out and started over on US 6’s. Only after I ripped out every stitch did I think, maybe I could have just inserted the 6 and kept going. Ah well. I think I’ll like the 6’s better.

And I have pretty much decided to frog the BSJ, give the wool a little bath, and start over using this as a guide. Quickie Poll: Would it be all right to just wash the wool in liquid baby soap?

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  1. Hey there, I have a link to another site (KnitWiki) that gives some good pointers and slight modifications for the BSJ, as well as how to add collars if you want. I’ll try to reproduce it here without setting off the spam filter. (If it doesn’t fit, you can follow the link to my blog and email me from the link there.) www dot knitting hyphen and dot com backslash wiki backslash Baby underline Surprise underline Jacket

  2. Totally it would. Anything mild.

    I use Mane & Tail shampoo – same thing I use on my hair. Has utility of location, is gentle to the yarn, doesn’t stink, doesn’t cost the earth.

  3. Baby shampoo would be fine — plus, the yarn will smell like a clean baby, and what could be nicer than that!

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