How to write the sorry letter for not paying

Yes, we have spam. And until I ran across the link I copied for my title (thanks, Mister  Shakespeare!), this was going to be my best-of (links removed):

I wish to suggest to visit to you [link]. Subjects of the given [link] search of a casino. Here you can find for yourselves the best and fair casinos. Free-of-charge bonuses and many other things. And simply to look that to a soul it is necessary. Very much I recommend search on pharmaceutics. Solid firms, quality of production.

Okay. Now that we have that out of the way…. there is knitting to discuss. Not a lot, but you know.

I started on the BSJ, I really did. The first thing I discovered was that I didn’t like the yarn I bought. It is fine New Zealand/Aussie yarn imported through a place in New Hampshire I’ve never heard of, but nevertheless, I don’t enjoy knitting with it. It’s stiff and almost crusty, like it’s been on the shelf for ten years waiting for a home. I can’t get gauge with it either. I knitted a swatch on size US 4 needles and only managed 5.5 st/in, shooting for six, but knitted myself some chain mail in the process. No way am I knitting this on 3’s. But I think it will soften up in the wool wash, and it’s a lovely variegated magenta, so I decided to press on.

Then I started knitting, and I know EZ said it would be strange, but it’s already so odd I might rip back and try again. I didn’t mark the stitches she said to mark because I didn’t know if I should mark The Stitch or The Space Before The Stitch, and now I have no idea where those markers would be. I’m not completely sure which row I’m on, either. That’s not a good sign.

To add to that, it was my first time doing a PSSO, and I didn’t know if I was doing that part right, either. Finally I searched YouTube for “knit PSSO” and found a demo that confirmed I was doing it just fine, but still. It looked like I was making bobbles on one end of the thing, and I know that ain’t right.

So there it sits until my head is clear. There my self-designed Dianne hat sits until I can figure out more crown decreases. There my socks sit until the kids are asleep and not distracting me. There sits a lot of yarn.

Today I hauled out my gauge swatch for Tyrone and got about three rows done (two knit, one purl) before I had to put it away again and Watch The Children.

Now, Mr. Beth and his buddies are off to the pub. 75 percent of the kids are asleep. And what am I going to pull out and work on again?

The Irish Hiking Scarf, what else???

Tonight’s shameless plug for the Milwaukee Irish Fest features the Canine exhibit. Within barking distance from the Cultural Village is an exhibit of Irish dog breeds: you know, Irish Wolfhounds, Kerry Blue Terriers,  Irish Terriers, Irish Setters, that sort of thing. They have demos and shows and the dogs are there all weekend, on display, with the owners answering questions. Check the link again later this week: looks like the full schedule isn’t posted yet.

And… what the heck are you people searching for? And how on God’s green earth are you finding this blog when you type in these things?

Search Terms Used To Find This Blog, Part II 

chocolate sheep poo
Oh please. This is not Dirty Jobs, where every other adventure is about poo. Yes, I have mentioned chocolate. I sometimes mention sheep. And yes, I have mentioned poo. But not in a row, people.

Tom Baker
I’m not worthy.

pictures of fly bites on sheep
??? Eww!

deathly things to do
At least I knew there this one came from. But as I haven’t done anything “deathly” in a while, I can’t help you there. [Reminds me of an operating system, lo these many moons ago, in which I was within a help module and typed “help.” The system responded, “Can’t help with that.”] [I may have told this story before. Sorry. I am a geek and I used to be a bigger one.]

things not to do at Hogwarts
Let’s see…. irk Professor Snape? How about asking Hermione, she seems to know all then rules you’re not supposed to break. And when and how you actually should break them.

I hope you both get flies
Again, eww!

sully cake
Okay, two people used this search on the same day. What’s up with that? I actually had to look up Sully because I was thinking it was an X Files reference and I know I’ve never written about that. Then I saw a picture of a grown man in a Sully costume from Monsters, Inc. and thought, oh, right, the fun fur hat. What are the odds of two people having read this blog months ago, and all they remember is a fun fur hat and my son’s birthday cake from March?

Oh, for goodness’ sake.

P.S. to Mr. Beth: I’m very sorry I didn’t tell you I was buying a spinning wheel. I couldn’t remember if I had told you or not, and I thank you for your patience, love, and understanding when you found out about it by reading my blog.

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  1. Lucky that spam guy was here to tell us that casinos and pharmaceuticals are necessary to the soul…I had no idea! 😛

    Maybe the crusty wool would soften up if you wound it into a hank and gave it a wool-wash bath before knitting with it…I’ll bet it’s making cute little magenta chain mail though.

    Someone searched for Tom Baker and found you…how totally awesome!

  2. Now I have to google Tom Baker – cuz I have no clue… haha! (I do realize this can potentially show you what a loo-hoo-zer I can be).

    Good luck on the BSJ. I assume you are gonna frog and start over with marking those stitches? Or are you braver than I? 🙂

    And a thank you to Mr. Beth for not grounding you for failing to tell him about your new aquisitional plan.

  3. […] 26, 2007 by Cathy-Cate Following Beth’s lead, I feel the need to share with you some rather amusing spam this […]

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