Four more inches, I think

I think this post will be short, because I might have to go upstairs AGAIN and duct tape the children into their beds tuck in my little angels. Everyone’s hot and bothered. It’s about — wait, why guess, let me check — 83 degrees with 56 percent humidity?!? On second thought, let me make something up. I am dripping with sweat just sitting here. There is no breeze. We were supposed to have thunderstorms all day — guess where the moisture is. Up there, waiting for everyone to plan a picnic or go to the playground or anything to Get. Out. Of. The. House.

So, what did I do today in my air-conditioned van?

Mailed those Hufflepuff hats to the Charmed Knits people. I knitted them a while ago and had assumed I would be knitting all the Houses. Must have lost my beanie mojo there. Anyway, there was still time to contribute them to the charity. One small cap and one girls’ tam.

Got some McD for the kids (I ate lunch at home so I wouldn’t feel like I needed to buy any for myself), and went to Waupaca on a double mission.

First, I put down the second installment on my spinning wheel. The second of four: I now own just over 50 percent of a used Ashford Traditional. Here she is: isn’t she beautiful? (Scroll down, keep scrolling down, keep scrolling a little more….there, the one that says SOLD in big red capital letters.) I like that the spokes are fairly plain. Maybe I’m secretly a Mennonite, who knows. And no, I don’t know how to spin yet, why do you ask?

Then, I went across the street to Edgewood Arts, my sort-of-local yarn store, and got some Brown Sheep wool wash. Maybe a couple of other items jumped in the bag at the last second, I’m not sure. I do know they were for gifts, so they shouldn’t count against me. One of Mr. Beth’s co-workers is on bedrest with twin girls, and if I can crank out a couple of magenta Baby Surprise Jackets I think everyone would be pleased. Not that I have done a BSJ yet, but doesn’t it sound like a good reason to start?

After I get the baby blanket done. And get Colleen back to bed. Who just vowed her undying love on the phone to Lauren, who is a little nervous about it.

Time to end this so I can get more work done on the blanket. I don’t think I will be able to finish tonight. It is just So. Darn. Hot. But maybe I can get Colleen to bed so I can watch Doctor Who.

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  1. Ooo! Pretty Ashford! Good luck with the baby surprise jacket. I just couldn’t get the hang of that pattern. I knit a big giant amoeba that didn’t fold up into anything recognizable. Was that the surprise? 🙂

  2. Nice wheel.

    I have lots of packing tape if you need some. Have to get here before I use it on mine though. We’ve just had the crying fit supremo because I packed someone’s book they were reading.

  3. Hey, I’m counting on that undying love! In my darkest hours, I will think of Colleen telling me how she loves me so much (I wrote mush initially; Freudian slip? I think not). It makes me feel all warm inside to know a toddler who only knows me through the internet and one phone conversation has such deep feelings about me. As we discussed, it’s a good thing I am not in a van with candy.

  4. The spinning wheel is lovely! I’m serious, I’m not going to start spinning. I’m dangerous enough around the yarn other people make without making my own, thank you. 🙂

  5. That is a lovely wheel. Pretty old model. Fabulous. Those Ashfords are workhorses and you’ll never regret that purchase- though you may buy another 2 or 3 before it’s all said and done.
    A used Traditional was my first wheel and I now have it set up all of the time with a lace flyer.
    I have a Traveller with a bulky flyer most of the time and….
    love them all

  6. Hey, I bought my first Louet (used S15, followed by an older S10) before I really knew how to spin; I mean, how else are you gonna LEARN! You gotta have a wheel to learn how to USE one!

    I’ve done two BSJs now; yeah, call me an expert. 🙂 I had a couple questions while working on my first one that were resolved with two calls to someone who had done one; the second BSJ was a snap. You really do just follow the directions, but I’d be happy to help if I can if you get stuck. There’s photos of both on my blog, but you’ll have to search since I can’t put the links here….

  7. So, um, I just realized that Lamb’s Quarters is like less than 10 minutes from my house. I never even knew they were there. Is that where you had to go? Or maybe you were just able to go to Dragonwings in town. I will soooo have to be researching that place!

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