Picture-free since July 3

I don’t know how you’re all getting by without seeing pictures of my works in progress, but I’m just so proud of all of you for your persistence. Maybe today is the day (I hear you thinking) that she gets her head out of wherever it’s been, optimizes the old photos and re-posts them, uploads and optimizes the new photos and posts them, actually including pictures of new things…..

Gosh, when I put it that way, the situation seems obvious and the solution is really clear. It’s best to Knit Faster and Stick To Words until the Optimization Fairy flitters by and fixes all that stuff for me. Or else someone could take all the kids away for a week so I could concentrate on fixing my computer. (Any takers? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? …no? okay.) I also think it’s time I actually opened up the case and found out what’s screwing up the optical disk drive. And frankly, I’m not brave enough right this second to tackle the job the Geek Squad bailed on. Maybe another second, and soon. But not this one. (I don’t want Jack to discover the computer has an inside as well as an outside. He had already discovered you can take the keys off.)

Current projects:
Concentric square baby blanket (51% done โ€” this means I knit one row with the third skein last night)
Dianne cap (I’ll say 75% done, but I’m starting the decreases without really knowing how I’m going to do them, so progress might be only temporary here)

Temporarily Abandoned Projects:
Salt and Pepper Socks, second sock (not even cast on)
Tsocks 101 baby sock, second sock (waiting to pick up gusset stitches)
Irish Hiking Scarf (waiting until baby blanket is done)

Frog Pond:
Navy Watch Cap (frogged and waiting for a more reasonable pattern)

So, in light of this list, what do you think I’ll be working on as soon as I finish the baby blanket? Probably Tyrone. Just to light a fire under Brandy and Lauren. ๐Ÿ™‚

Well, sounds like she hasn’t got off her dupa yet. Maybe I’ll check in tomorrow and see if she says something funny.

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  1. That square baby blanket is so cute! (Because I have seen it in person.)

    You’re going to open up your computer?! You are so brave…my palms are sweating at just the thought of messing with electronic innards. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. See, this is where the Virtual thing really falls down. If you lived literally next door, or even down the block, I could just pop over and play Computer Fairy, fix both those problems for you, the pictures and the drive, and this would provide me with another great way to procrastinate over my own stuff.

    Guess I’ll just have to come up with my own procrastinations now. Fortunately I’m pretty good at that….

  3. dupa?

  4. You have to have the optical drive working to optimize pictures? Or is this some version of a CD/DVD drive I’ve never run into yet and first you have to get your pix off the disc… (Oh; I see, after Googling, it’s Mac-speak. Nevermind. Last time I was on a Mac was in 1991. [g] Guess my other question about why not batch-processing JPGs for web optimization in a graphics program is totally off the mark, huh?)

    So – dupa? ๐Ÿ˜‰ ::heads to Urban Dictionary::

  5. I love how you think, but more importantly, I love the frequency with which you quote Ferris. Ferris Bueller is MY hero, and there’s nothing more annoying than watching that movie with me. I really had to post blog pics today, that wasn’t b-s. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Dupa, Dupa, Dupa, Dupa. . .It’s fun to say over and over again. So, Do you know where you are moving to yet? Maybe you will be closer to me. Sometimes, I just ignore my WiPs because they make me feel a little bit ADHD in the crafty department.

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