Top Ten Things to do after Deathly Hallows

WARNING: slight spoilers inside. But they are very slight. And if you haven’t finished the book yet, what are you doing on the Internet? Log off and finish!

1. Cry enough to buy another box of tissues.

2. Marvel at how small details in each book remained important in the final volume, years later.

3. Go see Order of the Phoenix.

4. Knit something for the Charmed Knits KAL charity.

5. Anticipate that Minerva McGonigal’s participation in the Battle of Hogwarts will rival Yoda’s first fight scene in the Star Wars prequels (once it hits the screen).

6. Go to YouTube and plug in character-name combinations and watch mash-up music videos for an hour.

7. Give up writing fiction entirely, or hopes of it.

8. Send J. K. Rowling a thank-you note for all her excellent work.

9. Re-read The Half-Blood Prince to figure out that Horcrux thing again.

10. Steal it from your teenager and read it again!

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  1. HOW AWESOME was the Battle of Hogwarts?! After I finished the book, and cried a teeny little bit, I went back and read the Battle of Hogwarts again. Oh my. But I thought the book ended perfectly, I really did. Just brilliant.

  2. Yes, yes, yes and yes. I have been absent and I can blame Harry Potter for part of that. I cried, yes despite myself I cried.

  3. McGonnagal Rocks!!! and D. Maggie Smith will do it up right if anyone can!

    I’m telling you, the door has been left open. . .just sayin’ I stick to poetry myself. I’ve long since learned that I lack the attention span for anything else (outside of academic writing). You could also do as I have done and watch parenting videos in hopes of learning how to parent a three year old with an attitude. I’m not sure if the videos are helping or making me more paranoid. I’m sure I’ll look back on this someday and wonder why I was so worried. . . either that or I’ll block it all to protect my psyche.

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