Should she or shouldn’t she?

Hmm, the Hogwarts Sock Swap is entering phase two. I am really tempted to sign up to be a Second Year, for whom the requirements will be a little different: hand knitted socks, sock yarn, and a pattern.

Before you start railing on me — LAUREN — this time things could be different. I would get my yarn right away instead of ordering custom-dyed yarn from New York State (but oh, it was wonderful!). I would start right away. It wouldn’t be sock weight yarn, it would be thicker. On bigger needles that don’t feel like they’ll break. So I would have until October 31 to do basically, a pair of socks. I wouldn’t have to make anyone else do my dirty work.

Everyone who visits this site is welcome to weigh in with their vote. Four people in particular have weighted votes: my spoiler from Year One, my sock pal (after she gets her packages and is sure who I am), my husband, and Lauren the House-Elf. But all votes will be read and considered and tallied. Even votes from non-knitters. If you read this site with any kind of frequency, you know enough about me to cast a vote.

Should I sign up for round two as a Second Year?

Should I humbly watch from the cyber sidelines?

The People Shall Speak.

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  1. Oh, I say go for it. I’ll walk you through parts if ya need it. (As if that statement has any merit if you’ve read my last post) You can never practice at knitting too much!!☺

  2. I say go for it too! Easy for me to say though, since I’m not going for it. 🙂 I’ll bet the socks you made for this go-round are gorgeous – can’t wait to find out who’s getting them!

  3. Why not go for it? [eg] C’mon, aren’t socks like potato chips…can’t have just one (pair) done? (I know, I should talk, but I’m all for enabling. Hee.)

  4. Live dangerously, go for it! We must continually stretch ourselves if we want to grow. Of course, no one knows better than you just how thin you can be stretched before you “snap”! 😉

  5. I’ll let you know what I think when I am done knitting your socks from the last swap, woman. Grrrr… 🙂

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