Empty heart

I just got back from the airport, where my mother had a flight back to Ohio, and my eight-year-old went skipping along to fly back with her. We’ll drive down there in a couple of weeks to make our own visit, and bring him back with us, but still.

My husband is back at work and I won’t see him until Thursday.

My mother has left the building.

My firstborn son has left the building.

My Hogwarts Sock Swap package is on its way to my pal (right before we drove to the airport).

Thank goodness for the Wonder Twins or there wouldn’t be any noise here at all, just Tommy and I gazing into each other’s eyes as he consumes 800 calories a day.

And maybe the sound of two needles, clicking. It’s been about four days since I so much as knitted a stitch, one of those circumstances that makes you wonder silly things like, Do I still know how to purl? and, What are my current projects, anyway?

After I get done with some administrative stuff I’m going to figure out how to process these old photos to within 10 percent of their original sizes. Then I will have stuff to show you.

Current Projects, For Which There Will Soon Be Pictures:

• Dianne (a hat of My Own Design)
• WWII Watch Cap (plus frogging)
• Concentric Squares Baby Blanket (of My Own Design)

Oh — and thanks for your patience. I don’t know who looked at what exactly, but I did notice that when I haven’t been able to post, people still log on and look up the old posts and the other pages. So thanks for sticking with me.

Double thanks to my Kiwi friend Anne, who tutorialed me nearly to death to help me put the first-ever button on my page. It’s great to have extremely patient friends on the other side of the world. And she even nominated me for some hot-chick blogger award thingy. (Clearly we have not yet met in person.)

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  1. Nice Button! It took me a while to get mine going too. Congrats on the award nomination. That’s always fun. BTW: Have you seen Ratatoullie?

    Anyone can be hot!

  2. Hurray for buttons! I haven’t figured them out yet…to be honest, I’m frightened by all the warnings about “stealing bandwidth.” I haven’t the foggiest what bandwidth is and wouldn’t know if I had accidentally stolen it. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see your projects! And Ratatouille was terrific.

  3. I’m looking forward to Ratatouille, though back where I come from rats have a slightly different relationship with cookery – “not where he eats but where he is eaten.”

    As for hot blogger chick award thingies, who’s a hot blogger chick if not you? Kindly specify so we know where to vote for you.

  4. I still remember the day I put my little firstborn onto a plane to go visit the grandparents. He was four years old, quite mature for his age, and I let him fly alone (picture my wild eyed incredulous look at the memory of it).

    I’d cut off my right arm before doing such today, but it was a much safer world we lived in a few years ago…okay twenty-THREE years ago to be exact, but it still seems like only yesterday. See how fast they grow up?

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