All that is necessary

Well, actually, this isn’t a real post. (More about that later.) But when I peeked into the spam bucket today, I just couldn’t resist.

Has seen on the Internet a good site. Personally to me has liked.
All that is necessary for soul and in one place. Convenient search

I won’t reproduce his links here, because I’m not that kind of girl and this isn’t that kind of blog. But they fell into three categories of his essentials of life. Apparently, all you need is online poker, online pr0n, and cheap Viagra.

That reminded me of this Latka monologue from Taxi.

Funny how two men’s priorities can be so different.

When I get my old images resized, and my new images uploaded, and my current projects photographed, it will truly be a thing to behold. There will be alpacas, and yarn, and double rainbows, and Wisconsin knitter meetups, and yarn, and happy children, and silly hats. And yarn. Did I forget to mention the yarn?

I’ll post as soon as I can.

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  1. Oooooh! I can’t wait to see it all. Sounds like a big job though, resizing everything. Good luck!!

  2. I LOVE the youtube. Andy Kaufman was such a hoot! ;-Þ

  3. Looking forward to the silly hats – hats are my thing 🙂

  4. Well, it’s about time woman. Every day I click on your blog and wish Mr Beth Happy Birthday or is it Happy Groundhog Day? I’m glad to see you are alive and posting and look forward to pictures, pictures, and more pictures. BTW, for some reason I cannot send email from here so I am not being umcommunicative, just technically challenged. I can receive email so if you send it to me, it seems like I am giving you the silent treatment. Oh, and socks are humming along nicely.

  5. Yes, go ahead and send me the address. Hopefully, I can photograph the Hogwart’s socks on the beach enoying a Pina Colada or ten!

  6. I heart Latka…. 🙂

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