Will it go round in circles

After wasting half a day waiting for the kids to settle down enough for Brendan to do more painting in one of the upstairs bedrooms, I packed everyone up and made a 200+ loop trip in the van to keep them out of his hair.

Did I find the craft stores? Sure I did! But by the time I got up to Antigo, I was 45 minutes late for the quilt/yarn shop, and had only fifteen minutes to run through the wonderful wonderful scrapbooking store. Where I bought…three sheets of paper and a chipboard “T” for Tom. Whereupon all the other kids said, “Mom, I want a ‘T’ too!” Only a dollar to make everyone happy? I should have run right back in.

So… that was van time that couldn’t be knitting time, and now here I am and everyone is asleep and the house is stiflingly hot and humid. But knit the hat I must…. or start on a baby blanket. Let’s see… 136 stitches across of pure wool, or work round on a hat that has to be mailed in less than a week. Which would you choose?

For all those interested, Tom is doing great, getting more than his share of calories as long as the other kids aren’t too rowdy and distracting. He is becoming more animated and babbles more. Maybe soon there will be some words. But if he is the strong but silent type, that’s okay with me.

Before I log out, here’s a sale alert: the Herrschners Christmas in July sale is next weekend right here in Stevens Point. If you have a man headed toward the Old Car Show in thirty-miles-away Iola (like I do), why not stop by my house and visit? I’m only a mile or so from the store, and you can show me what you scored. I know you like to get a bargain!

Spam Quote of the Day

With all respect for administration of this site / Excuse for inconveniences. Also do not hold a harm

No harm, no foul. Can you send me those twelve links to sites selling cheap Viagra again?

P.S. I sincerely apologize for the obscene comment attached to one of my older posts. I was jaw-droppingly shocked at what did not get tagged as spam. I removed it myself. I would strongly suggest that all bloggers take the time to review all the new comments to their posts to eliminate not just the regular spam, but the (rare) really raw stuff. Yikes!

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  1. Holy cow, I missed the obscene comment. But I promise not to hold a harm. 🙂

  2. Obscene comment, wow I’ve never gotten one of those. I’m set up to get an email of each comment so I see them all of course this works because I don’t get many.

  3. So glad that Tommy is getting bubblier! Your 200-mile van crawl sounds like quite a way to spend yesterday, if it was as hot for you as it is here!

  4. Spam and obscenity is why nothing gets posted on my blog unless/until I approve it. And it’s a good way for new blogfriends to get hold of me, because they can send their email addresses to me for copying, and then I just delete the post.

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