Racing knitting

I’m ready now to unveil what might be some of the geekiest knitting you’ve ever seen. It’s not as esoteric as this. Nor is it just good knitting worn by geeky people, like this. It’s sport knitting, taken to a bizarre extreme. When I first heard that Mr. Beth and I might be able to attend the United States Grand Prix, I was really excited about how to Represent. I slapped together the Racing Knitting bag, but then I had to think about exactly what I should be knitting at the race. During the race. I knew I would be close to my Hogwarts Sock Swap deadline, so that was always a possibility. But as the date drew nearer and my yarn hadn’t arrived, I decided I should pick another project for Race Day. Something to relate to the race. I looked at my stash, and saw green. And yellow, red, white, blue, and black & white. All the colors of the track condition flags. Racing KnittingAfter a while the idea started to jell. I would cast on the same number of stitches as there were drivers in the race, and change colors whenever the track conditions changed. If there was a big wreck I would simply switch from green to yellow and keep going until things changed again. I made a project bag (thank goodness for one-gallon zippered plastic bags!) and let it go at that. Then I went to the race. It was pretty crowded, and hot, and we were high up in aluminum stands, and it wasn’t exactly conducive to knitting. However, between the practice and qualifying sessions and Race Day, we had plenty of time at our hosts’ apartment for me to whip out the Salt and Pepper sock and work on it while everyone else napped. On Race Day I still had the knitting bag with me (also handy for carrying earplugs and bottles of water) but didn’t even try to knit, since this time the grandstands were open at the backs. Pretty convenient for letting your empty Foster’s can drop to the ground for future pickup for a Boy Scout (we carried ours to trash cans, thank you), but pretty disastrous for changing yarn colors on the fly. Also, we were packed in so tight in our terrific seats (just past Turn One) that even circ knitting would have been an imposition on my neighbor. So, I decided to watch the race. šŸ™‚ After I got home I taped a rebroadcast, then watched it and made notes on what the track conditions were for each lap. There was an awful lot of green track ā€” all-clear, go-ahead racing, so in those sections I decided to do texture work, like little bricks, or basketweave (which turn out to be inverses of each other). For sheer variety I made note of several laps during which one of the drivers ran over a blue flag which became trapped in his car’s undercarriage: I represented those laps with green and blue Fair Isle. There was a little bit of yellow worked in for local cautions, then the white flag lap, then several finishing rows of black and white (the same Cozi I used for my mother’s hat and scarf) to represent the checkered flag. The red and white before the start represent Polish driver Robert Kubica, who sustained a concussion in a horrific crash during the Canadian Grand Prix and was not cleared to race in the USGP.

I’m not thrilled with it… it’s too small to actually wear, and the colors are pretty bright. But it was an interesting way to try to represent the race in yarn, and it was a chance to experiment with different patterns. A racing swatch, if you will.

Other sports (and different types of racing) could surely be represented with knitting. Can you think of any other examples or possibilities?

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  1. Aaahhhhhh. I was wondering when the black/white part would show up, and what it would look like. OK, so you wouldn’t wear this as it stands. But I still think the idea has potential. Besides, it has that great geeky reverse-cool factor! So I love it on principle.

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  3. That is so cool. Now you have challenged me, and I’ll have to spend this week figuring out how to represent the All-Star Game in knitting! šŸ™‚

  4. Geeky, huh?

    Sounds like a neat process — and kind of fun!

  5. That is a great idea! I think it deserves thinking about, knitting to Represent, in more ways than one.

  6. Cool idea. First thing that comes to my mind… cross-country equestrian jumping, which I would’ve *loved* to do! (If I’d been that good a rider. And had the $$$$$$.) Oooohhh… The weird jumps, the speed, the excitement, the agility, the variety, the crash & burns! *sigh* (And blasted NBC has only had them on cable stations the last several Summer Olympics, the rats. Not broadcast. Agony of defeat, indeed.)

    Y’know, you should spread this idea around. Can you imagine how many KALs you could get going for sporting events? [g]


    Using team colors for whoever has possession.. of course, that could lead to a lot of quick changes!

    Which reminds me – I better start planning my Green and Gold socks – football is only a month away!

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