Last of the thirtysomethings

Tomorrow is my birthday. My kids are 8, 4.5, 3, and just-past-one, and I will be turning forty. Normally I don’t regard my age at all. I came late to the parenting gig after spending a decade in troubled relationships, about which that is already ’nuff said. I try to ignore the chickie-poo tattooed and pierced moms I will necessarily be hanging out with as I take my kids to school and pick them up โ€” it is what it is. Besides, now that I have acquired Instant Knitter Friends, age differences seem to make no difference to them.

But the 4-0, which seems to mean “I have to buy a Miata now” to men (these days, maybe it’s a Mustang), means a different set of things to women. Basically, I now have doctor appointments to dread, and I have one eye constantly monitoring risk factors and mortality. With the two normal eyes plus the one in the back of my head constantly targeted on the children, I don’t know where this other eye is, but I assume it’s there. Maybe it’s the sector of my brain newly dedicated to clicking on links about breast cancer and ovarian cancer and menopause. (What fun!)

Tomorrow I am going to try to shut this eye. I know, it’s the first day of being forty, I should let it do what it needs to do. But it’s my eye, darnit, so here’s the plan.

* The first thing I eat or drink tomorrow morning will have chocolate in it. Instant mocha coffee, chocolate chips out of the bag, chocolate chip mint ice cream โ€” I don’t care. We’re going to start this day right.

*ย  I am buying myself the cake I want. For about a decade I have wanted an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. Nobody asked, I didn’t tell, I never had one. Tomorrow is the day. I will even share it with the kids. I just want a little bit.

* I am going to knit. Right, how is that different from any other day? Tomorrow I am not going to feel guilty about it or wait until I conquer the world to have five minutes to myself. I’ll just knit, right in front of real live people. If they complain I’ll just remind them that it’s my birthday and I get to do one thing that I want to do. This is it.

* As usual, I will call my mother just about lunchtime, and ask if she’s feeling better now. I just think it’s the considerate thing to do. ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s tomorrow. Here’s yesterday. The weekend showing went okay, but the house only finished in the middle of the pack with the show-ees. (They want something with more character. Boy, will they live to regret that! Kids these days.) The good news is it showed better than most of the other houses in the same price range, so we’re on the right track.

While they were looking at the house, we caravanned (motorcycle followed by van full of kids) to Milwaukee, dropped off the motorcycle, and returned home. I cast on slowly for the HSS but was worried about dropping stitches off the size 1? 0? needles, so put it away. Then I cast on for the racing knitting, but only knit a few rows before I found myself patternless. (More about that tomorrow.) I put that away too.

Mr. Beth: “We have a two and a half hour drive and you have no knitting?” So eventually I picked up the socks again and carefully worked on my 1×1 rib cuff.

I just dread the first five rows or so of sock cuff. It takes about that long for my stitches to hang together, and until then I am a nervous wreck. It may sound strange to tackle that part in a moving car using double-pointed needles, but it’s the only time I’m not going to be constantly interrupted to provide a drink, stop a fight, clean a room, or change a diaper. So I do my best. As of now I’m still in that tentative zone, but my goal is to finish the first cuff tonight.

I also put up brackets for a curtain rod for the bathroom window, which Mr. Beth framed on Sunday morning (replacing the handyman’s framing from Saturday morning). Pictures coming of that, too!

So I’ll see you tomorrow, with my ice cream cake and my knitting. When I will perhaps be a little bit wiser.

P.S. Happy birthday Sheila, my birthday buddy from March 99 Moms! The card is in the mail. No really, it is.ย 

Spam Quote of the Day

Hello ))) I know that you donโ€™t like this spam, but theese sites are amazing.

Just to give you an idea of exactly how amazing these sites are, each URL contained the phrase “wet-party.” Not exactly a Continental cast-on video tutorial, is it? Now that would be amazing.

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  1. Happy birthday tomorrow! I hope your cake is great.

  2. Happy Early Birthday! I hope you enjoy it.

  3. Hmph – I’d say you’re wise enough already.

    And BTW – it’s still a Miata. Then 10 years later it’s a Segway.

    And speaking of 10 years later, I’ve got those 10 years on you and I’m still waiting to wake up wiser.

    40’s fun, though. Enjoy. Happy birthday!

  4. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Bday to youuuuuuu!!! Hope all is going well? We’ll have to have another little knit-together in the near future.. I’ll supply the chocolate this time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Good grief, for once I’m on time? Happy birthday, Beth! Good on ya for the chocolate, knitting, ice cream cake plans. May they all turn out well!

    And hey, 40 is fun. Sure, the bod may start acting up, but oh boy, the mind and character… This is when you get to start having fun. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Enjoy! ::hugs::

  6. Happy Birthday, dear Beth!

    It’s going to be a hot one, so a WONDERFUL day to stay inside and knit, with an ice cream cake chaser.

    I’m a few years on the other side of 40, and although it makes you think (and I think the body warranty does run out at 40, ’cause it just doesn’t work quite the same afterwards) — it’s a good place to be! I look around sometimes and realize, though things aren’t perfect, I am surrounded by people I love and who love me, and life is good!

    Take care–

  7. Happy Birthday tomorrow! Chocolate chips right out of the bag for breakfast sounds pretty good to me. ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy your cake and your knitting!

  8. Hope your chocolate was as delicious as you imagined. I just celebrated 39 years. Bought myself a chocolate cake mix with a can of rich, chocolatey, chocolate frosting. Dreamt about it all day, couldn’t wait to get home and make my own cake. But my cake ended up bittersweet–my husband, for the first time in years, surprised me and made me a chocolate cake with coconut frosting. Bittersweet? But still chocolate cake underneath! Happy Day to you!

  9. Happy Birthday!!!! I’m so glad you said you came to the parenting gig late. So you must have been around 38ish when you had your last babe? I’ll be 35 this August and I spend a lot of time worrying about whether or not I have “time” for a third baby. I’m just not ready to stop having little ones. The tatoo comment was really funny (I’ll have to post pics of mine on the site he he he). About knitting: Have you been to Loop in Milwaukee? Is it good?

    Hope the chocolate was divine!!

  10. Happy Birthday! I LOVE the way you planned to start your day…

  11. Happy, Happy (Belated but hopefully chocolate-filled) Birthday.

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