Six needles liberated

Skein winder? I don’t need no stinkin’ skein winder!

Okay, maybe I do need a skein winder. But last night I divided my glorious sock yarn using a lazy susan and an upside-down child sized wooden table. (This yarn is unbelievably forgiving, by the way. Yesterday I skeined it around my forearm because the original skein was too big for the lampshade trick and I got it all tangled and detangled and it still looks great. My hair should look so good after so much tangling and detangling. But I digress.)

Makeshift skein winder

And I have this much-loved finished object to show you: the Harlot one-row scarf knitted from the Patons Tapestry, all 49 inches of it. It may be longer now, since my oldest was using it for an exercise band this morning (GRR). And that means two needles liberated (the big honking German pointy ones), plus four from the Salt and Pepper sock the other day.

Harlot scarf, Patons Decor Tapestry, FO

This might be the place to tell you that, since I’m too broke/cheap to buy server space from WordPress, I made some more free room the other day by deleting pictures from some old posts, and in some cases, editing the words to eliminate references to the pictures. (I’m at 95 percent of my image space, or something like that.) They were pictures of houses we are no longer interested in, so I didn’t think it was a big deal. But if you’re a re-reader (who has the time?) you might have noticed this, so I wanted to come clean.

However, it’s apparent that I will have to solve the problem another way. I want to try reducing the sizes of the older pictures to thumbnails, and see if that “buys” me more space. I have only been running the blog at this site for six months; what do others do?

Today, I know what I’m doing… buying a ball winder.

P.S. Yesterday someone searched for this blog using the phrase “happy home in the country.” Thank you, that makes me feel as if the goal is attainable. (We have a showing tomorrow!)

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  1. I love your makeshift winder. I will have to remember that!

    Are you changing the size of your pictures down to the aproximate final size you want and the resoluion to 96 dpi before uploading them? I am not sure if wordpress does that for you, but probably not. I say 96 dpi because while you want high res pics for quality computer monitors are only able to display at 72 or 96 dpi. Anything higher than that will look the same on the monitor. Of course, this is just a guess at what may be your issue.

  2. Very cool scarf – love the colors.

    Re “what do others do” – I run a copy of WordPress on my own site. Which isn’t free, I grant you, but $3/month buys an awful lot of file space and bandwidth! (A good thing, too, since I tend to lean toward the pictures-AND-a-thousand-words approach.) I do optimize my photos, but I use plenty of them, and after 6 months I’m not making a dent in my allowance. GoDaddy’s economy package; can’t beat the price, and the amenities are entirely satisfactory.

    I’d hate not to be able to go back and look at the Polish vicarage and its stained glass window….

  3. WTG on needle lib. I got an awesome, inexpensive swift on eBay, the guy makes them

  4. Open a flickr account. Upload the photos there. Open one and let me know and I will tell you how I do it. In a nutshell the photos are stored there and not on your ISP’s, so more space. And that ball winder – stick a bolt in it and call it done. Necessity is the mother of invention and sorry kids, you have no more table.

  5. Hi, saw the link on Animorphia’s blog and had to check out something that featured both chocolate and sheep in the title. [You’re right: dark chocolate is best!]

  6. Beth, you know the way the lines broke when one views this post, it says that you took “a lazy susan and an upside down child…”
    a very ingenious way of winding yarn, if not particularly likely to be successful!

    I know eventually I have to Flickrize too, or put out money; but I can’t view Flickr at work, it’s blocked, so I hate to do it on my own blog.


  7. The scarf is quite lovely! Ball winder is on my ‘buy it when I get the money to spare’ list, too. Some awesome little inventions, they are. 😉

  8. next time you get yarn from me, young lady (happy birthday)… ask me to ball it up for you!! gheesh!

  9. I use for my photos – is that one blocked too? (Betcha it is, FEH!…)

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