One happy Hufflepuff

The stressful day turned into an absolutely wonderful day. The kids destroyed the upstairs bedrooms twice and I screamed my bloody lungs out at them while I put everything right again. For reference, my voice sounded identical to the time I discovered they had found, and were taking out of the boxes to play with, their baptismal candles.

But. We got to the doctor and (though he was late because he had to attend a C section) everyone is essentially fine. Got home, stopped the F1 tape, loaded the dogs in the van, sprayed a little Febreze around, and got out of Dodge in plenty of time.

We headed…. west. Originally I meant to just go to Marshfield, pick up some Taco John’s, and head back home. But when we got to decision time, I decided to stay on 10 West and see where it led.

It led to Amish country. Central Wisconsin has pockets of Amish, some just east of us around Amherst, some south of Tigerton, but I found another pocket near Granton. I saw a handmade sign for a quilt shop I had never heard of, followed it down an unpaved road, and found myself in the gravel driveway of a working Amish farm where two men were running a propane generator that ran another machine that was carrying their hay bales to the barn loft via a conveyor belt. The horses were still hitched to the wagon that held the hay. They directed me to the entrance for the quilt shop — a screened in porch of the main house, where I soon met Sarah and Eli (22 months old and cute as an angel in a little brown dress and bare feet). We chatted for a while, I bought a bonnet for Colleen, and Sarah was charmed that my sons all had Bible names. I picked up a business card for the shop. Of course there is no phone number or fax number or web site. The hours are listed as “dusk to dawn year round” and Sarah said she would love to be included in my craft store directory. I also bought a quart of strawberries from them for $1.75. Fresh picked that morning. I had visions of making strawberry pie, strawberry jam, or some other recipe from one of my Amish cookbooks, but in all honesty they’re not going to make it to tomorrow. (Thursday’s note: I left twelve uneaten. Breakfast!)

And what was I wearing? Jeans, Nike sneakers, and my husband’s Guinness T-shirt. (shakes head)

Colleen’s Amish bonnet

We went on down the road a ways, gassed up a bit, and turned for home, which took another hour or more. Plenty of time for the house showing, I thought.

When we got home, JC brought me the mail, including a big white box from an Ohio address I didn’t know. “Here, you got this.” I was checking the voicemail. An agent had called at about 2:30 to tell me the 3:15 showing was cancelled, to save me the trouble of picking up the dogs I had picked up at 2pm.

In the rest of the mail I got the full program for the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival. (I am so going to this. They have a full-day seminar for wannabe shepherds.)

Then I opened the box.

I’ve been Ravenclawed! Thank you Madam Pomfrey, AKA Julie Morgan. I love my socks and all my stuff! Sorry all the pictures are so small, I’m running out of server space. If you click on them they might get bigger.

Swap Box 1

Swap Box 2

Swap Box 3

Swap Box 4

Swap Box 5

Swap Box 6

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  1. YAAAAAY! You got it! And the socks fit! I’m so glad you like all your stuff. 🙂

  2. Nice socks! 🙂

    I’ve got to stop hanging out in your blog – now I wanna go to the festival too!! There has to be a way to swing it!

  3. I’m here from teh HSS – is that a little case for needles that the dpn’s are hanging out in?

    *dies from the cuteness!*


  4. Oh LOL – the owl for delivering the scroll!! Too, too cute! And wow, how beautifully wrapped everything was; just the way I’d always imagined parcels would’ve been wrapped back in Edwardian days or so, you know? Very nice touch from Madam Pomfrey. The socks are magnificent.

    And Colleen in her bonnet – also too cute. Amish near you… ::envious sigh:: Somehow reading about them in Nat’l Geo just isn’t the same…

  5. Great package! :o)

    I see you are progressing well on your own socks! And to think, just a few months ago, you hadn’t knitted a sock ever! They look great!

  6. Wonderful mail and what a cutie in that bonnet!

  7. That is an adorable bonnet, and a great package!!! Since you mentioned server space, you may be interested in trying out a photo host ( for instance, I use them for my blog, for the exact same reason. Upload pictures there and then link, and photobucket has the code built in, so its pretty easy.

  8. […] brand chocolate — dark chocolate with marzipan. You can relive that happy moment here at my One Happy Hufflepuff post from June 21, […]

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