A thousand words are worth a picture

I strongly suspect that if I post even a reasonable selection of the pictures I took over the weekend, I’ll hit capacity on my server space here. (Read: free server space.) So let me get the knitting picture posted first, then it will be back to the words.

Salt and Pepper socks, pre-toe

Yes, that’s my own foot. No stunt feet here! And who says you can’t try on cuff-down socks? Knit loose enough with big enough needles, and you could try on anything in progress.

OK, where was I?

Friday: Frantically clean, pack, prepare. Mr. Beth takes items to the dump, returns, takes dogs to the kennel. We leave about five minutes before Merry Maids is scheduled to arrive. Caravan to Milwaukee, drop off children, transfer to rental car, lunch at La Perla, proceed to Indianapolis. Knit knit knit on salt and pepper sock. Due to traffic and traffic and road construction, we arrive at the bed and breakfast at 11:30 pm (after a run through the local McDonald’s drive-thru).

Saturday: Meet up with our hosts, who have an apartment about a half mile from the track. I am meeting all kinds of people and I have no idea who anyone is. (One of them ends up being a ten-time Indy 500 entrant. I am not worthy.) I am offered oatmeal “full of fruits and nuts and all kinds of things.” I take it. It is delicious and I am even more grateful for it later. They drive us to the track and drop us off. If you thought my knitting bag was big and colorful, forget about it. As soon as I get there I see a young man wearing a three-foot-long Ferrari as a hat. We watch practice, tour the Museum, where they had this:

Borg-Warner trophy

You may think you have seen this before, but the drivers just receive a smaller replica. Since this was inside on a rotating turntable, I’m amazed I even got a passable picture. Left the Museum, got some food, watched qualifying, walked back to the apartment. Hung out a while, knit on the sock, watched more racing on TV, begged off of a trip to watch midget/sprint car racing at another track, went back to the B&B, went out to dinner at a local restaurant, went back to the B&B.

Sunday: Race Day! To the apartment to collect more people, got dropped off at the track, got our seats, went down for some Foster’s, back to the seats. I had my knitting bag with me (also good for holding sunscreen and bottles of water), but realized that multicolor knitting wasn’t really going to happen. We were really all smashed together. I just enjoyed the race and figured that I’d get what I needed to make my Secret Racing Project later. The race was incredible and was over before we knew it. Unfortunately, since there were traffic jams for miles hours after we left the area, I had plenty of time to work on my sock. We finally made it to Milwaukee at about 11pm.

Monday: Hug the kids, Mr. Beth to work, kids and I to home, only to discover that between the cleaning service and the open house, we were locked out. Back to the realtor’s to arrange to get into the house. Unload part of the van, fetch the dogs. Sigh. The day’s mail brought the sock yarn for the Hogwarts swap, and I finally decided on a pattern. Knitted sock and most of the toe in the evening.

Summary: One child weaned, one dog shaved, four people touring the house (none interested), the house very clean….. and one sock almost complete.

Oh yeah…. maybe you’d like to see the new yarn.

Ravenclaw yarn

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  1. Ooooh, is that the sock yarn I think it is? Very cool.

    I hope you notice how discreet I’m being about the Secret Race Project….

  2. Yowsa, what a whirlwind! Sounds like you had fun though, even if hardly a second to stand still. 😉 Very cool new yarn there, ditto on the S&P sock. Giggled at the “really all smashed together”…read that sentence in a *wee* bit of the wrong way at first. ::giggle:: Then light dawned. Oh! LOL!

    Glad you made it back and managed to get inside. Too bad about no one interested in the house, but sounds like you’re going gangbusters on the sock! (Will keep sending good vibes for solvent buyers any day now. Real soon.) Welcome home!

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