Off to the races!

Sorry for the absence, but all this preparation for an open house at the same time that we’re taking a mini vacation has really stolen my knitting and blogging time.

First off, let me show you the bracelet that Barbara made for me as a thank-you for the tickets to the Bead&Button Show. I was just flabbergasted (even though she told me she would be making something).

Bracelet by Barbara

The colors were so rich and Mardi Gras like that I photographed it on the quilt I’m making for my grandmother. (Making is a strong word. The top is done and the layers are pinned, and I quilted the center section two years ago and stalled. We shall not speak of this.) I cannot imagine what it takes to sit and string all these tiny little beads. It makes plain knitting look downright simple. (Imagine! Only one piece of string!) Thanks again, Barbara. I love it.

But now… the reveal of the vintage racer fabric.

Formula One Bag

We’re going to the U.S. Grand Prix this weekend, as guests of an advertiser in the magazine Mr. Beth is the editor of. Hmm, what will I take my knitting in? Why don’t I make a bag out of this decorator fabric I got for 99 cents?

The bag is about 18 inches square on the big sides, so it’s a biggie. Those are 2 inch wide D rings on each short side. I used the strap from my suitcase to clip on to them and voila! Themed knitting bag!

I even had enough left over to make a little sleeve to stick my needles in:

knitting needle case, stop knitting needle case, go

I know the shots are small and blurry, but at the top of each side I sewed a little shank button — one says “stop” and one says “go.”

If anyone is interested in the details of how I made the bag, leave a comment and I’ll post them after I get back. I am not a seamstress by any means. This was a brute-force project and anyone could do it without a pattern. Oh, and here is how much thread was left when I finished:

Formula One Bag, thread

We’re going to a charming bed and breakfast for the weekend and not taking the computer. First time away from the kids, don’t you know. (Sorry, Tommy.) So have a great weekend, look for us on TV (can’t miss this bag) on Sunday afternoon, and get lots of knitting done. I’ll show the results of my USGP knitting early next week, maybe Monday. Remember all those balls of brightly colored yarn? They’re already in the bag.

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  1. Anyone who can make a quilt counts as a seamstress as far as I’m concerned…I can barely make curtains. 🙂

    The quilt is very pretty – and Barbara, so is the bracelet!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Wowsa, what a gorgeous bracelet! Beautiful job, Barbara. And Beth, that quilt – lovely eyecandy, in whatever stage it may be in. 😉 Then the bag… Oh, the knitting bag. Boy, are you going to be the envy of any knitter who sees you at the races! Plus I note that sewing appears to be like knitting; finishing a project with so little thread left that you heave a big sigh of relief. LOL!

    Enjoy your mini-vacation, hope you have lots of fun and, maybe some relaxation?

  3. Have a great time!

    What a lovely bracelet!

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