Your best knitting friends

Whew. I keep typing that to tell people how the day is going. But all that’s going through my head is, whew!

I was up until about 1 o’clock last night this morning getting the house as ready as I could. Rolled out of bed just before 7 o’clock to finish the job. We bugged out at about 8:45 to take a load of boxes to storage, but through some creative block-circling we noticed the agents didn’t arrive until about 9:30. So we kept going and going, trying to think ahead for the next time we’ll have to vacate so people can see the house.

But though I’m worn out I’m probably headed for more, since it’s absolutely gorgeous and the kind of day you should take your kids to the park to climb on apparatus and wear themselves out. Maybe I will wait until after the peak heat. Then bedtimes will be easier and I can start to do something with the racecar fabric I flashed the other day.

Thanks to Barbara for filling in yesterday. She got some comments, there was a spike in the views compared to what I’ve been getting, and people were clicking on her links. So hooray, looks like a success all around.

Today I have a surprise… the talented Brandy and Lauren are joining with me to run a new blog, which is kind of an informal knitalong to one of our favorite television shows.

No, it’s not Grey’s Anatomy… there’s already a KAL for that.

No, it’s not Buffy the Vampire Slayer… there’s already a KAL for that.

No, it’s not NASCAR… believe it or not, there’s already a KAL for that.

(There should be a KAL for every sweater Stephanie Zimbalist wore on Remington Steele, but maybe that’s more of a personal project.)

No, it’s not Gilmore Girls… there’s a KAL for that, too.

It’s…. the Backyardigans. We’re calling it Backyardiknits. All are welcome, especially those with Backyardigan-aged youngsters around. There are links to BY sites, blogs, and goodies, and two free patterns for a Tyrone-style raglan sweater are already posted (thank you Lauren). It’s in my blogroll the knitalong list under my blogroll, so go check it out. You’ll know it when you see it, because of the adorable header done in BY style (thank you Brandy).

It’s our first joint blog, so let us know what you’d like to see and how you’d like to participate. I envision it as becoming similar to Zimmermania or the IHS KAL, but I’m willing to let it evolve and I think my partners are, too. So come check us out!


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  1. Oh – there’s a GG’s KAL?? I haven’t found that! Mind you we are behind in the series so it would create too many spoilers for me I suspect.

    Your new KAL sounds fun except I have no idea what Backyardigans so either I am living with me head in a cupboard (quite possible!) or it hasn’t reached little old NZ yet – at least not on free to air TV.

    Have fun!

  2. We have not the cable to watch said show. Oh well. It is funny how it looks a little like Bacardiknits if you read it fast, or well, maybe it’s just me and my yearning for rum-soaked knits.

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