Guest post: Barbara hits the Bead & Button Show

My first guest post! Couldn’t come at a better time, as I’m reorganizing the house to be ready for the local agent walk-through tomorrow morning.

Here’s the story: As a member of the “media,” I was sent two free tickets to attend this year’s Bead&Button Show in Milwaukee, held June 3-10. I wasn’t going, so I offered up the tickets. Barbara D. took them, and here’s her take on the show.

P.S. Barbara doesn’t think anyone is reading this, so after you read it, please leave a quick comment. We’ll show her! 

I attended the Bead and Button Show on Friday. First let me say I am quite frugal, and all the 5 hour parking meters are gone due to the massive freeway project. I could only find a 2 hour meter 2 blocks from the Midwest Express Center, so I had to leave to plug the meter on several occasions, as this show is Huge!

The ribboned entries from the show were jaw dropping. The creativity of these people is amazing and you should buy a copy of Bead and Button when they print the pictures of the winners just to see them.

The array of colors all those beads come in is breathtaking and project inspiring. One vendor who deserves a plug for those of us who are frugal is: This booth had kits with patterns starting at $20.00, and the kits include everything you need except scissors. The instructions with photos are exceptionally well done, very clear and easy to use. Cool looking stuff.

Check out www.foxdendesigns from Franksville, WI. They have opened a new shop and have the largest selection of Miyuki beads at the best price. I think the owner’s name is Terry and she’s the nicest person.

New to me is a product called WirelLace, a tubular wire mesh ribbon they used for beading by stringing beads on it, but I can see this would be marvelous stuff for embellishing. It comes in an array of colors and widths. To check it out: The owners name is Linda Hartung. She told me you need to use two part epoxy when gluing ribbon into clasps and you can get this glue at any hardware store.

Use GS Hypo Cement if you want to glue crystals strung onto WireLace so they’ll stay in place. You need the right glue for the right part of the project.

One last plug before I go. Check out: This is the Vinery Stained Glass Studio in Madison, WI. They have classes on how to make beads, including dichroic glass and lampwork beads just to name a few. If you’d like to learn how to make some fantastic looking beads this might be the place.

Again, thanks Beth for the wonderful opportunity to see the show. I enjoyed myself very much and came away with a lot of ideas to create!!!

— Barbara D.

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  1. Nicely done, Barbara! Great account; sounds like a fascinating day (after the parking) — obviously, every time you had to plug the meter, you had to make a conscious decision that you wanted to go back, so it must have been well worth it!

  2. Nice post! I especially liked all the links. Makes me want to pick up my beads once again…

  3. Ahhhhh…beads… Sounds like a great time, Barbara! One of the great things about bead shows is even if you can’t buy anything, you can still get a lot of great ideas. Glad you enjoyed yourself. Thanks for the report!

    I’ve carefully kept away from the last several Gem Faires hitting Portland, but there’s a Bead Faire next month. And they have *scads* of ethnic beads. [eg] I’m saving up already!

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