Cleanup on aisle three

We’re making slow but steady progress towards having the house ready for the local realtors to tour on Tuesday morning. We’ll probably need to ramp things up at some point, but we’re closer than we were.

Yesterday we passed a little tornado damage on our way to/from the motorcycle shop. Some trees were blown over, including a couple where you could see the roots. Several trunks were snapped. The real damage lay elsewhere, a few miles away.

I decided to keep going on my swap sock and knit the foot and toe. It is not perfect and I would not be pleased to send it to my swap pal. However, it’s a practice sock. Once I get the toe done and everything is off the needles, I can decide what to ultimately do with the yarn. Frog and rewind? Make a mate for it? Set it aside while I work on the real socks with the real yarn? I have to look at it as the way I decided to make a flap-and-gusset heel instead of a short row.

Back to work — but enjoy this Hall of Fame level spam post, below. I broke all the links first. It’s almost poetry!

Spam Quote of the Day

Excuse me,
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