On the rocks

The short version of yesterday is that everyone is okay. The tornadoes that touched down were either far to the west or somewhat to the north of us. We’ll be in that area, coincidentally, this afternoon, so I’ll take pictures if I see any remarkable damage. (At a resort in northwestern Wisconsin, a kayak was shoved through a tree.)

Here’s a sampling of what we got:


I was upstairs in the boys’ bedroom trying to get some pants on Jack when the hail started slamming into the house. It sounded like a thousand baseballs. Which was the size of the hail the next county over.

The sirens went off, and we went to my former craft room in the basement. The kids made up a name for themselves, but I’ll have to ask JC if he remembers what it was. I think it was “the shelter squad.”

Shelter Squad

Right now I have to prep all the little ones for the Last Day of School. Mr. Beth is here but he will be painting everything he can get to while I take the kids somewhere, anywhere.

If you have any tornado questions, comment away and I’ll answer them this afternoon. Meanwhile, here’s a progress shot of the IHS. The bottom isn’t really as ragged as it looks in this shot…but I do wish I had done a couple of rows of garter stitch before I started the pattern. Live and learn, I guess I can knit one on later.

Irish Hiking Scarf, 17 repeats in

HOT box update: Now really on the way to Holly in South Carolina!

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  1. Glad you faired well with the storm. We didn’t even see a drop of rain where I am. We got lucky.

  2. They actually said the name of your town on the Weather Channel last night, and I might have worried a little bit. So glad you didn’t have to deal with a tornado!

    “The shelter squad”…too cute! πŸ™‚

  3. That scarf is looking good. I am up to 12 repeats on mine – just added it to Ravelry as my first item πŸ™‚ – but since I was doing it while watching some international sailing and the sailing has finished (at least in hiatus for the next couple of weeks) I haven’t picked it up for a couple of days.

    Glad you are keeping safe – We’ve had hail that big here from time to time – pretty scary on windows / skylights! Luckily we don’t get tornadoes.

  4. Those are some large hailstones – Serious Weather.

  5. […] passed; now I was the parent and it was my turn to change scary times into fun times, defusing anxiety with stuffed animals, blankies, video games, and light […]

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