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So…..I tried my first short-row heel last night. Then I really mucked it up. It was late, I was adding a color, and I wasn’t using the same number of stitches for my sock that the sample directions were, so when it said, for example, k27, when I was working with only 20 stitches to begin with, I got easily confused.

Fortunately, since I was working with a contrasting color to the rest of the sock, it was relatively easy to frog back to the beginning of the heel section. I even got the main-color stitches back on the needle without twisting them.

I let it sit for a while. Actually, I wanted to let my brain sit for a while. I knew it was all my fault and there was nothing wrong with the directions I was following. I trust Lisa implicitly, but it was the first time and I was really scrambled on the numbers.

I read some blogs, checked my e-mail, took a deep breath, and tried again. This time I knew how many stitches I needed to do which things to. It still didn’t look exactly like I thought it would, but again, it was my first time.

(Have I mentioned that this was my first short-row heel? I did? Sorry.)

And then… something happened. Did I mention it was very late and I was tired? I think that I fell asleep. And kept knitting. Until I finished the heel, and added the main color, and knit a few times around.

short row heel, side 1

Here’s the other side. Sorry it’s not in great focus. (By the way, it’s stuffed with a skein of alpaca!)

short-row heel, side 2

Do I need to frog the heel again?

The only thing I can really be grateful for is that I had already done the Irish Hiking Scarf repeat. Which took me the whole hour of the Top Chef season One/Two matchup. I can’t believe I found myself rooting for Stephen. Oh, and Sam and Harold are still cute. The funniest moment of the show was when one of the Season Three female contestants saw Sam come out to present his dish and said “He’s kind of cute” and guest judge Ted Allen said “Kind of?”

I should have ever so much free time today — school is cancelled because there’s supposedly a monster thunderstorm on the way. (Tomorrow is the last day of school.) So far, we have blue skies, bright sunshine, and chirping birds. But the winds are strong, and picking up. So everyone is home, I’m trying to make the house tour-worthy while we’re living in it, and all is chaos, chaos is all.

A quiz (for everyone except Lisa): What does this look like to you?

Father’s Day yarn

Here’s another hint….

vintage racer fabric

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  1. I’m a total Weather Channel junkie, and I thought of you when I saw Wisconsin was in for a round of bad weather today. Here’s hoping it won’t be as bad as they say!

    Tomorrow’s the last day of school here, too. Happy Summer! Can’t wait to see your short-row heel! 🙂

  2. I know it sounds weird but I’d love a bad round of weather, Wisconsin-style. It’s just sun, sun, sun and heat, heat, heat around here.

    BTW, I know nothing but chaos these days. Thank God I am a knitter/spinner or I would literally lose it.

  3. Awwwww… did you see? she *trusts* me. Poor thing – how cute is that?

    Hard to be sure without seeing at closer range, but the heel looks pretty good to me. I do think I see a little gap in the second picture, but I’m sure that can be figured out. Wanna talk about it? C’mon, tell momma.

    And the Mystery [mumble mumble] looks great – can’t wait to see how you implement it.

  4. Looks okay from here, but I can’t see too well. sometimes, if there are gaps in my short row heels, I take yarn that matches and pull them closed… a total cheat, but sue me.

  5. Hah! – made it through! I don’t think Firefox was liking something at WordPress, ’cause after waiting 15 minutes or so to load, I kept having to give up the last several days. Maybe I’ll have to remember I have IE for a while. [g] Anyway, glad to catch up with chocolate, more houses, cedar-lined closets, towns with interesting stores, socks, scarves, more socks, short-row heels, and yarn/racing car mysteries!

    And I haven’t a clue. 😉 Unless you’re doing a kid’s intarsia sweater – or hat?? – with a racing car on it. Or maybe a NASCAR logo. [g] And at that, I’m probably totally off… er, track. Whatever, I look forward to pictures.

  6. Oh, how I can sympathize with your short-row heel problems! I was just wrestling with the short-row toe at the end of May. If you’re interested, check out my brand new baby blog for May 20 and a couple following, to see my struggles.

    By ALL means, take the Tsarina up on her offer! She’s absolutely great at solving these things, and endlessly patient and helpful. I couldn’t have done it without her.

    I see socks – in an automobile racing theme, with the b&w checkered flag for the cuff? And a white stripe next to it to indicate the last lap? A blue passing flag? Yellow and blue oil flag? Red STOP flag, yellow warning flag, and lots of green, green grass for “extra-track excursions”! No black flag, though – so “press on regardless”! LOL!

  7. I sucked hard at the short row heel. As far as the ‘what does this look like to you’ I thought it had something to do with billiards or pool. That green. It got me.

  8. The short row heel has kicked my but. I can do a short row toe, but my heel is full of gaps. I’ve searched and searched for a solution but haven’t found one. Bummer!

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