It’s the process, stupid

I should clarify on the prospective house… it is actually in Jefferson. The previous contender, which we decided against, is the one in Janesville.

At any rate, we’re still in the process of listing our house. I am hoping to see a sign in our yard tomorrow.

We’re in the process of putting Tommy on a strict schedule of feedings. Feeding baby food to babies. Who knew that would work?

We’re in the process of weaning, to be finished by next weekend. 😛

I’m in the process of chugging along on the Irish Hiking Scarf. I’m not getting a repeat in every night. It’s closer to every other night.

I’m about to be in the process of learning how to do a short-row heel, on the swap sock.

I have finished the process of this week’s freelance editing project. More money (soon) and more knitting time. And maybe I can set aside 10 percent of the money for the future purchase of, dare we say, a spinning wheel. If I decide that I can only purchase a wheel from the accumulated 10 percents of freelance work, that might encourage me to take on some more contracts.

Knitting project pictures and Tommy pictures to come. Soon. I swear.

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  1. You had me at Cedar Closet!

    Looks awesome even if I don’t know exactly where Jefferson is. Yarn shops nearby?

  2. That cupboard is amazing 🙂

    I’m IH Scarfing as well, but still in the honeymoon phase so it feels like it is going quickly. I’m also doing it chunky which makes things feel faster.

  3. Closet envy, plain and simple.

  4. So I went from not knowing where Jefferson was, to passing through it on my way back from Chicago yesterday(we were detouring up near Ripon area for an ultimately fruitless errand — I mention this since I know you, Beth, would have picked up on the fact that Jefferson is NOT on my way home!) Thus I have now been in Jefferson (briefly!) but missed the house. . . .
    The city must be more built up along the highway? It looked bigger than its stated population. But it looked like a nice small town!

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