Progress und chocolat

It was a wet weekend but it turned out to be very productive. We looked at houses yesterday and found one that was a dream come true (and it wasn’t on our original list; it was sort of an afterthought by the realtor — “there’s one close to here that’s vacant, want to take a look?” ). After we saw it we went ahead and saw the other contender we’d planned to see. For a while they seemed to be equally good, but it didn’t take long to sort through the mental lists of location, neighborhood, post-move expense, etc., to decide which one we really wanted.

So as soon as I get this typed up, it’s time to tidy up around here before the realtor comes over. I hope he comes with a big honking FOR SALE sign for the front yard.

Props to the showing agent’s daughter, too. She is visually impaired, but a crochet addict attending college in the Chicago area. She sells her crocheted scarves for $7 each and donates the money to benefit the homeless. Way to go!

Also major league props to Mr. Beth, who pointed out every craft store we passed on the trip. By the way, we saw a new quilt store in Janesville. They were unloading a truck’s worth of items into the store as we passed. One sign said “Quilt Central” and another said “Quilt Center,” and I don’t know which one’s right. It’s probably not their first quilt shop, I suspect. And Janesville also has a Ben Franklin, a Jo-Ann’s, a Scrapbook Superstore, the Dragonfly Yarn Shoppe, and goodness knows what else. I will have to check my database. You lucky Janesville crafters!

It was a looooong drive yesterday. But almost all of it was knitting time for me. I had the Harlot one-row scarf along, but my main project was the Hogwarts proxy sock. (After talking with Mr. Beth, I think I should refer to it as “Rock Ridge,” after the fake town built by the townspeople in Blazing Saddles. The poor thing is The Sock only until the other yarn comes in, after which the other sock will be The Sock.) Believe it or not, I cast on (onto size 1 dpns!) in the van, and got the whole cuff knitted. Complete with two stripes of contrasting color, which is what, four color changes? Didn’t drop any stitches or needles, either.

I took a status picture this morning, but won’t have time to upload it until after I’m done with the realtor. Sorry! I didn’t take process shots in the van, either. Frankly, I just didn’t think about it. I was too stressed out that one of the needles would slide out and I would have to kill someone. With a bigger needle.

This sock had better fit. I’m using the Tsock 101 formula, but not using Jennifer’s yarn, so I had to recalculate on the fly based on the gauge on the yarn’s ball band and the stated foot size of the recipient. It seems small to me, so once I got past the cuff I switched to size 3 dpns in the hopes it will loosen up.

Ah…yes….did I mention the chocolate? Since I had to get camera batteries anyway, there I was with a credit card at Walgreens. Hershey’s Special Dark-covered almonds. Russell Stover Triple Chocolate Mousse singles. And right by the checkout there was a bin of bagged Hershey’s candies, two bags for $5. I got peanut butter filled Kisses, and Special Dark candies with dark chocolate truffle filling.

I can stop any time I want to.

I strongly suspect that I don’t want to.

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  1. Hmmmm. Rule #1: never trust the stated gauge on the ball band. It is always wrong. Or at any rate mine is always different. (I’m almost tempted to apologize for the fact that Tsocks 101 doesn’t really go to the “formula” level – but actually the thought was that for a lot of people that kind of calculation was scary and therefore belonged more at the Tsocks 201 level. Which means one of these days I gotta make a Tsocks 201, huh.)

    House looks great – can’t wait to see more of it.

  2. What an awesome house full of character, and hopefully in short time, love.

    I almost always knit socks on ones or zeros; I like a tight knit to prevent wear and tear (there’s a lot of wearing and tearing around these parts).

    I must check out this tsock thing. I am almost done with David the Husband’s!

  3. That looks like a chocolate house and your mention of chocolate and dark and almonds has my hankering on. Thanks Beth.

  4. Hmm, I thought I left a comment yesterday. odd…

    It looks like a charming house! Janesville is a nice town from what I know. I have a good friend from there. I hope it all went well with the realtor.

    I am continually jealous of your ability to knit in a moving vehicle!

  5. Progress und chocolat sounds like it should be on a family crest! (Teutonic, of course!) Sounds like an excellent rallying cry!

  6. The house looks good!! I hope it works out for you. Peanut Pants’s doctor thinks we should wait 6 to 9 months on the kidney. He thinks there is a chance he’ll outgrow his condition when his urinary tract develops. Thanks for thinking of me!!

    What is Tsocks?

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