fara faucet

Quickie update before we go house-viewing today. It’s a long drive, so I have a lot of things to prepare, including materials and a pattern for my Pal’s Hogwarts swap socks.

* My spam buddy is still around. For a while I thought the arrest the other day nabbed him. But now I think he was just lying low. Crafty spammer!

* Most of the spam I get concerns drugs you see advertised on TV (and drugs you hear that celebrities abuse), but sometimes it’s a list of celebrity names in the links. Usually prOn named girls, but today there was both avril_lavigne and fara_faucet. I think we could take a good guess that this spammer is NOT of my generation. I know I’m not the only one here who wanted Farrah Fawcett hair. D@mn the 1970s.


* Is there such a thing as rechargeable batteries for digital cameras? I went to take a picture when we were out yesterday, and the camera cover was open for goodness knows how long in my bag. I only had enough juice for one picture, so now we have to swing by Walgreens on the way out today, just so I can take any pictures of houses.

* The Knitting Completion Plan was superseded by the Freelance Project Completion  Plan, which is taking all my attention late at night. However, I did knit up a very quick project yesterday and almost finish another one…both for my swap pal. I’ll post pictures after I ship her package out. Maybe I am maturing as a knitter… I knit up the original Very Simple Version and immediately started thinking about making changes the next time around. And I did! And now I’m thinking of more. Is this obscure enough?

OK — more tonight or tomorrow.

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  1. Those lovely frosted layers. You know we all coveted them.

  2. I’m not sure, but don’t you have to have a camera that is designed to be able to use rechargables? I think some are designed to use both, and some are designed to use either or.

    I once sported Farrah’s “wings”.

    Speaking of, isn’t she dying of cancer now?

  3. Fara Faucet — too funny.

    I think you could get rechargeables in the same type you put in the camera now, but they’ll wear out just as fast or faster than the ones you buy. I suppose better in the long run. My digital camera that uses a proprietary rechargeable battery (that is, it only fits that camera), seems to last longer a lot longer with one battery than my husband’s which takes AAs, even when I use super-duper high tech AAs. I need to get a second battery, though, so there’s always one charged (at least if I’m on the ball).

    Looking forward to seeing swap secrets revealed! And, yes, you are taking it to the next knitting level — modifying patterns now — woo hoo!

  4. Well, presuming your camera uses AA batteries – yeah, just get AA rechargeables and a 4-station battery charger, you’re set. If you don’t use the camera that frequently (ha! [g]), take the batteries out of it in between uses so they last longer. If you use it frequently, buy 8 batteries, so you have one set in the camera, one set fully charged at all times. Just remember not to leave the charger plugged in all the time. 😉

    Now, if it uses some sort of lithium battery, well… That’s different. Check out your camera’s reviews on Amazon for info. Even if you’re not buying from them, it’s a good place to start research on something if there are enough comments on a particular model of whatever. I did that for my printer, mp3 player, and the 2nd-hand camera I bought from a friend, and it was a great resource!

    As to fara faucet – oh. My. Lord. Too funny for words!

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