Tools for the fight

No new knitting needles were liberated here yesterday…. but I am proud to report that despite managing bedtimes for four children, watching a new episode of Studio 60, e-mailing the Dear Husband, having a two-hour across-the-time-zones gabfest with Lauren, and receiving an accidental phone call from BIL Kevin (the Packer hat model on my 2006 FO page; he’s single, ladies) after midnight, I stuck to my Knitting Completion Plan.

Knitted one repeat of the Irish Hiking Scarf. Turned the heel on the baby Tsock. And even though it was past midnight, I picked up that Harlot one-row and knit away for a while, maybe six rows or so. And during the day (and bathtimes) I got some rounds in on the salt & pepper recipe sock, so I only have an inch to go before it’s heel time.

Melanie mentioned she needed to get a needle gauge to help her get her inventory under control. I have the metal Susan Bates one and keep it in a travel-sized wipes box, along with some other necessary stuff:

* tape measure
* small scissors
* tapestry needles
* needle inventory list (I check off what I have, and circle what I need next)
* box of cheap plastic stitch markers
* a rubber band
* a pencil
* a paper clip or two

I got the tip for building this portable toolkit from somewhere on the Internet. A travel-sized wipes box holds all of these things perfectly. And if you have little kids, you surely have at least one of these. You could even put an address label on/in it in case it gets lost. (Excuse me while I go do this right now.)

Okay, I’m back. But it’s time to go again…. start a freelance job, get the house tidied up, and maybe start some emergency Hogwarts socks because my swap-specific yarn isn’t here yet. Oh, and watch the Backyardigans! More about that later, perhaps next week.

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  1. I’d add a crochet hook to the list; it always seems like I make a ladder when I don’t have one.

    I’m getting hot under the collar wondering where those new backyardigan episodes are and why they are keeping them from the Pint and me!

    BTW, I got off the phone with you, hubby came home from his trip, and I was asleep within an hour without getting past the darn gussset.

    I’m not worthy!

  2. Good eye, Tuck! I knew I was forgetting something…. I keep a crochet hook in there too.

  3. Stuck without scissors, you can improvise, but without a darning needle? Trickier. I am all for having an emergency knitting tool kit in the car. So very necessary.

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