Knitting needle liberation front

I have been getting really jazzed about starting a Backyardigans knitalong thing. But as Lauren reminded me, she (and by extension, me) still has a lot of projects on the needles. All those projects deserve to be finished.

So…. after thinking of the many many knitting projects I needed to finish… I finished one of them.

The Moebius.

Moebius, complete

The garter-stitch grafting wasn’t perfect (which is why I’m hiding it, above) but I took a deep breath and did it. It’s off my list now. And the side benefit was that I freed up three knitting needles and two of those little rubber caps that go on the end of the needles to keep all your stitches from sliding off.

Liberate your needles! Join the Knitting Needle Liberation Front! (Pay no attention to the clever fliers you may have received from the Liberation Front for Knitting Needles. Splitters.)

Now that the Moebius is done (not perfectly, but done, so I’m not worrying about it), there are a few other projects that deserve my attention. Yes, before I can even cast on for Tyrone. I am sure I have listed these before, but I’m listing them again so you can feel free to harass me about them if they don’t all become FO’s by the end of June.

* Hogwarts Swap Socks. Status: waiting for yarn.
* EZ “thockies”. Status: first sock awaiting heel flap work.
* Baby Tsock. Status: second sock in mid heel flap.
* Rainbow purse. Status: working strap in linen stitch.
* Harlot one-row scarf. Status: 26 inches done, rest of skein to go.
* Salt and pepper socks. Status: first sock has 2 more inches of plain knitting to do before heel work starts (Harlot sock recipe).
* Irish Hiking Scarf. Status: 15 inches done, about 45 (a skein and a half) to go.

I am not even listing stitch markers or quilts that need to be done. I hope it’s not an early winter, or Tyrone’s going to be mighty cold. Any votes for what should be the next FO?

Oh, and Barbara scored both the Bead&Button Show tickets. Enjoy the show, Barbara!

Spam Quote of the Day

North. South. East. West. No matter where you’re headed in the U.S., Thrifty’s got a great rate on a great rental car.

This came up after the meme in which I answered Ann K.’s question about how far in each direction I had traveled. And now that we all know how Thrifty is doing business…. those rates had better be pretty darn amazing.

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  1. I vote for the baby tsock. Baby socks are quick!

  2. Damn, the Liberation Front for Knitting Needles totally scammed me with their fancy fliers and I misguidedly joined. Can I join the Knitting Needle Liberation Front as well?

    As for what to finish first, I vote for the thockies because that’s second on my list after I finish the long-suffering victim of second sock syndrome. But hey, I’m on the heel flap!

  3. Irish Hiking Scarf (duh). Can it be modified into a rowing scarf for Annapolis regatta in October?

  4. Hmmm… What about alternating the Baby Tsock (halfway there or so, and it’s the 2nd!) and the Harlot scarf (fast and mindless). Then when you can force yourself to, the Rainbow purse strap, ’cause that sounds like a bear of a slog, frankly, and if you don’t do *something* on it as often as you can, it’ll hang around forever. 😉

    Except, of course, you’ll drop ’em all for the Hogwarts socks when the yarn finally gets there, ’cause there’s a deadline!

    And ‘splitters’ – LOL! Internecine warfare among knitting needles. I can see the headlines now.

  5. Congratulations on the Moebius finish! Garter stitch grafting has never yet been to my complete satisfaction, I must say. Maybe someyear.

    End of June, eh? Maybe a more realistic hassle deadline would be Labor Day! But I vote with Ruth, baby Tsock first, then Thockie (both will be SO quick once you pick them up!) But who am I to give advice? The Queen of the UFOs! And yes, once the Hogwarts sock yarn arrives, you’ll have to switch horses in mid-stream — but won’t it be good to have another tiny tsock or thockie under your belt before you have to knit a sock for another?

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