Lantern Moon story

These long weekends are curious. It’s like I get out of orbit from the knitblogosphere and shoot out (like Superman out of the time vortex) to a place where, while things are nice and fun and there’s good beer, there is very little knitting and no chatter about yarn, knitting books, patterns, and all that stuff that sustains me the rest of the week. Don’t get me wrong, I had a great time with my husband! But I did miss everyone else.

Of course, I didn’t finish any projects. The most I got done over the weekend (which is really amazing when you think of it) was sorting through my Big Bag of Paperwork. Whenever I pay the bills I put all the statements in a plastic bag to be filed later. Yesterday I got my files winnowed out of everything prior to 2006, so I had room to file the newer statements. (The kids will get to run the shredder this week!)

Here are some things I learned:

* Tommy’s birth certificate is incorrect. I didn’t correct their error within 365 days, so I might have to take court action to have it fixed. Which does make me want to double-check things…do *I* have the wrong date?

* My credit report lists me as having AKA’s that I have never used.

* I don’t have my own copies of birth certificates for my two youngest children.

* Aha! Tommy’s Social Security card!

* I have a slightly stronger credit rating than my husband, but I can’t successfully apply for credit because I don’t have any income.

* I keep too d@mn much paperwork.

The Saga of Lantern Moon

But none of that is interesting to anyone but myself. So, here is the story of how I spent Saturday getting thoroughly lost.

I was working on my one-row Harlot scarf (how about the Log-Cabin-on-point pattern on the skein as the yarn kits away?) …

Harlot scarf, Patons Decor Tapestry

…when I noticed that the tips of my beloved Lantern Moon needles were turning, well, green.

Lantern Moon green-tips

I was puzzled. I hadn’t used green yarn on them. I didn’t think it was mold (!!!) and it wasn’t happening to any of my other needles. I tried washing it off, but that didn’t work. So I e-mailed the store [Iris, in Appleton] where I had purchased them. Soon I got a reply — Lantern Moon would replace them if I sent them back. At first I thought I’d mail them, along with samples of the yarns I’d used on them. Then I realized I had most of a Saturday alone with the kids, with nothing planned. And a road trip was born.

When I had discovered Iris before, I had been just driving around with Mom and the kids. I hadn’t been following a map or looking for a yarn store. I just found them. It all seemed so simple, just go back. But I forgot that I hadn’t gotten there directly from Stevens Point. This became an issue.

I took route 10 east and east and east. I found Appleton all right, but by the time I really knew I was not on the right path and really knew I had to get directions, I was actually in Menasha. Fortunately, the place I stopped for directions was a bead store that I hadn’t known about. (Business card: snag!) The bead store owner called the yarn store owner, wrote down one set of street names, then explained the route using a whole set of different street names. I took one of the streets west (passing a bead studio, a scrapbook superstore, a Hobby Lobby, and two quilt shops I couldn’t stop at) until I saw the Interstate, then happened to glance up and saw that the Interstate’s next exit was the street I wanted.

Go under freeway. Look for next right turn. Navigate around/through mall. Make next right turn. Now east east east until….Iris!

Which I still don’t have any pictures of, because this time I had to take everyone in with me. I was kind of busy keeping everyone’s hands out of the mohair. I don’t think my pictures could have done it justice anyway. There is so much packed in lots of small spaces there, that you just have to go and see it all for yourself. Though you should probably not take four small children. The employees were really wonderful about it and totally helpful, but I did notice that by the time we left, there were no other customers. Sorry about that.

But. They got the green needles and yarn packed up to send back to the distributor. They brought out puzzles for the kids (Jack dropped a skein of kettle-dyed Merino when he heard the word “puzzle”) and offered us pumpkin bread. They helped me pick out project yarn. They offered to wind it up into cakes with the ball winder. Tommy and I were the only ones who didn’t get a chance to turn the crank.

So now I have some of this (it’s Cascade 220):

Tyrone Cascade 220

And I want to make one of these:Tyrone

Whew! That’s a lot of typing! You will have to ask me later about my blooming irises, the next batch of Laurenspun Merino for the dye pot, and the 100 percent Alpaca I picked up to make myself feel better the other day. And oh yes, if you’re interested in knitting a Tyrone sweater too (I know at least a couple of you have a boy the same age as Jack), Lauren and I are doing this as a two-person knitalong and there’s no reason we can’t have more company. Drop a line!

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  1. Oh Tyrone! How fun!! Austin’s favorite Backyardigans character is – Austin – ha! I may have to jump in on that knit-a-long – If I can ever figure out how the heck to seam correctly.

    Sounds like you had a good road trip. I haven’t visited Iris yet, but I must!

    Oh, I LOVE the scarf as well – it’s beautiful!

  2. Cyrus now knows how to very clearly say ‘yarn’ and something very closely approximating knitting, more like ‘kninning.’ Awww how cute. Is still prefer to go to the yarn store without him though. I hear you about the whacked out orbit. I go through the week a day behind.

  3. I like your Tyrone colors better than my Tyrone colors. Damn, I’m going to have to go off my stash diet for a better blue. And don’t dare ask me to dye my own. I am so done with that right now.

  4. Okay, the Tyrone sweater has me intrigued. Where do I find info on it? PoKaL can recite many of the Backyardigan episodes. (which I find completely distressing. . . I hope his brains aren’t melting). Irises are the best flower. I hope your’s are doing well. Speaking of Iris. . . . did you ever go when it was Jane’s Knitting Hutch? I loved it then. I like it now but I LOVED it then. How far are you from Appleton? We’re about 40 minutes so we don’t go often but Yarns by Design, in Neenah, is worth it!

  5. ::snerk:: I’m witchya on the paperwork. And man, what an adventurous trip! What on *earth* could make wooden needles turn green?? But man, that scarf – that yarn – utterly gorgeous!

    (And I would’ve commented sooner, but for some reason Snap was taking for*ev*er to load pix, even on broadband, and after a couple minutes, my tiny mind would start jittering. So I had to keep coming back. Oh, how soon we get used to broadband!)

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