Hogwarts Show and Tell

Today is Show and Tell day at the Hogwarts Sock Swap. Hufflepuff could really use an extra five points, so here I am. Well, there’s not much to Show, so I’d better get started on the Telling.

My self-striping, hand-dyed sock yarn is on order and probably being swatched up by the spinner/dyer as I type, just to make sure it will make stripes all by itself. (Clever yarn!) After it arrives, I plan to (surprise) knit it up into socks. I don’t know how the pattern choice would affect the striping… so they will probably be plain socks with ribbed cuffs.

If the self-stripage doesn’t work out, I will use a Charmed Knits pattern for House Socks, using thin strips of the contrast color.

Last night I tried doing the Eastern Cast-On that Ann Budd describes in the Summer 07 IK for toe-up socks. The first time was a total bust. The second time I think I was okay until I started the increase rounds. On one of the short rows (I think there were three stitches on the needle) I am guessing the needle got turned around the wrong way before I did the increases. The result was such a mess I couldn’t bear even to photograph it. I just pulled it off the needles, wound it back on the ball, and went to bed. I think I would do better using the provisional crochet cast-on… but not under pressure, making socks for someone I haven’t yet met. So these will be cuff down just as soon as they can. I don’t mind Kitchenering. Like the Harlot says, it’s like high school. Don’t give a technique a hard time just because it has a reputation. (By the way, her Canadian book launch is tonight. I’m willing to make custom stitch markers for the first person who can prove that they had a drink at Elizabeth Dooley’s in Toronto.)

If you are intrigued and not discouraged by my Hogwarts Sock Swap exploits, you can sign up for the second phase of the swap, which starts after Book Seven is released. Details are at the link above.

I just got back from the grocery store with dozens of packets of Kool-Aid, so with any luck I’ll get to dye more beautiful Laurenspun Merino today. Or soon. I hope it turns out similar to the first batch! I am going to need a bigger dye pot….

And the quilt client wants me to redo a section to align it better. I said yes (of course; I’m a Good Girl) but it’s going to be difficult. Sigh.

Spam Quote of the Day

<snip> from the middle of a huuuge spam post:

Please note, however, that posting unsolicited comments to the blogs or websites of other people may be a violation of our anti-spam policy. So please use good judgment when including your AGLOCO referral information in comments on other people’s blogs.

No kidding! And this instance would be an example of….?

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  1. Someday maybe we can actually go to Toronto and raise a glass at Elizabeth Dooley’s. Wouldn’t that be fun?! I’ve always wanted to go to Toronto (in the summer). It sounds so busy and cosmopolitan.

    I’m glad you’ve come back to Kitchener stitch; I am actually one of those strange people that like it. It’s so rewarding.

    I want photos next time, friend!

  2. Go Hufflepuffs!

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