Pre-emptive strike

I will be out or busy for who knows how long tomorrow, so here is tomorrow’s post…today! (That Was The Week That Will Be? I need Douglas Adams’s time-travel tense here.)

Here’s a good picture of the quilt top, right side up and all in one piece. The client is coming over tomorrow afternoon to check it out. I hope everything is in the right place because I reallllllly don’t want to pick stitches out to change anything around. (But I will do it if I have to.) Unfortunately, the quilt shop where I bought the sashing fabric is having trouble getting more of the same fabric to use as the backing. The owner has been in touch with the manufacturer but is running into so much trouble that she’s appealing to a group of quilt shops she belongs to, to see if anyone else has enough. Yes, it’s still being made!

T-shirt quilt top, whole

And I ran into almost a literal snag with the salt and pepper socks. Nothing I can’t overcome, but it’s @#$ annoying.

Salt and Pepper socks, 4.5 inches

Can you see what the dpn is pointing at? It’s a freaking KNOT in a 50g ball of sock yarn, that’s what it is. WTF? You’d think that would be an amount of yarn you could count on being sold in one piece. But no. Now I’ve got to untie the thing and find another way to join the yarn. (Though I must admit they did match up the relevant parts of the colorway very well.) EZ says if you find more than one knot in a ball of yarn you should call the manufacturer, who will be happy to find out there is a problem to be corrected. This is a German-sold yarn made in Italy and I am not willing to make that phone call. (“Danke shoen, problemo with yarno. Capice?”)

At any rate, the sock looks good so far. I really love the striping patterns I’m getting as I move through the stockinette. I just resent there being a hurdle placed in my tiny little knitting path.

To take revenge (take that, you knot!), I cast on for and started knitting a Harlot one-row scarf out of the Patons Decor Tapestry yarn. It’s gorgeous. I will be knitting on it all day tomorrow. I was going to use size 6 needles but decided to use my Lantern Moons instead, and they’re size 8. C’est la vie. Doesn’t bother me. I’m waiting for my next visit to a new Wisconsin LYS to pick up size 6 wooden needles, and I don’t know when that will take place. I just wasn’t willing to wait any longer. I love the texture this particular stitch creates. It makes a squeezably soft and very comforting scarf.

Meanwhile, I also have to find/create/modify a pattern to start the Hogwarts socks. I’ll have pictures of everything on Friday. Happy knitting!

Spam Quote of the Day

Lieber grumble!!!

I may make this my new German curse phrase. Yes, I’m getting German spam now. I assume it’s because of the link I made to the German knitting blog. I will run some of the longer phrases through and post them if they’re entertaining.

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  1. Man, I hate finding a knot in a ball of yarn! Is it 100% wool? (Or 100% animal fiber – I’ve done this with wool/mohair blends, too.) If it is, you can fix it with a spit-splice, which is slightly weird and gross, but it’s your own spit, so it’s okay. 🙂

    Sounds like we have the same policy: when in doubt, start a new project!

  2. Knots are the worst, with thin spots in handspun yarn coming in a close second.

  3. Or if it won’t spit-splice, try the Russian join – it’s a great way to make joins and doesn’t involve weaving. I’d try to explain it, but A) I’ve never actually done it myself, and B) pictures are so much better! You just need a yarn needle with a decent point, and it looks pretty invisible, as well as solid. Here’s a link with good pix (click and you’ll see larger ones):

  4. Here’s the fiber content on the sock yarn:
    41 percent Baumwolle/cotton
    39 percent Schurwolle Superwash/wool superwash
    13 percent Polyamid/nylon
    7 percent Elité (??? no translation)

    I think I might just undo the knot, knit one stitch with both strands per EZ, and get a toothpick or itsy bitsy crochet hook to weave the ends in later. Well, sooner than later.

  5. Pass the buck. Call the shop that sold you the yarn. Let *them* make the call to Germany.

    When my mother was a little kid, not allowed to swear, her favorite expletive (taken from the name of a local hardware store) was “Oh, KRAUS Brothers!” I still say it sometimes. Especially if I find a knot in a skein of yarn. (Which BTW hasn’t happened in a long time – not with sock yarn anyway. Thanks, Jennifer!)

  6. Oh I just couldn’t pass this one up!! My first curse word was (forgive me for cursing and probably misspelling) “sheishund”. Learned it from my Opa. He was the best! What new yarn store is this? I totally have to check it out!! Have you been to Susan’s yet?

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