Monday’s Mail

Time to do some show and tell. Here are pictures of the goodies I got in Monday’s mail. I would have shown you sooner, seriously, but I like to drag things out over time. Haven’t you noticed?

First open was a box from Arizona from Lauren. It contains a knitting-pattern-a-day calendar. We agreed, some of the patterns are cute, some are outstanding, and some are dogs. But it contains an entry form for knitters who think they can improve next year’s product. Do you think I should write up the Emergency Necktie? I wouldn’t get paid or anything, it’s just for the good of the cause. (Their cause to sell calendars.)

Knitting calendar 2007

Then was an envelope from Wiley Publishing, containing the book I won in their drawing. Go and knit up some Charmed Knits beanies and send them in to the publisher. Go quickly! Each hat is an entry in a weekly drawing before it is donated to Warm Woolies.

Teach Yourself Visually Handspinning

And then there was the first donation of leftover yarn to the “organization” I am tentatively calling St. Helen of the Blessed Skein. No disrespect intended, just a reference to the only movie I know about a Catholic school fund-raiser. (At least that’s what I told the kids. They like to point out all the safety violations.) Thank you Beth M.! I am not sure if I will create a new blog for St. Helen’s or what.

St. Helen’s, Lot One

Knitwise, I am rocking on the salt and pepper socks now that I am past the cuff and on larger needles (I went from size 1 to size 3). I think I will cast on for the second one now that the needles are free, to combat SSS before it has a chance to start. Pictures tomorrow. It is actually looking like a Sock, and a handsome one at that.

I need to show some progress on my Hogwarts Sock Swap socks on my blog on Friday. The trouble is, I don’t have the yarn yet. Wait, I’m thinking….

Familywise, Tommy weighed in today at 15 pounds 2 ounces. So we need to have another weight check next week and hope he has gained much more by then.

Someone else is being shown the rectory! Oh no! I hope they see a ghost! We have to get this house on the market and sold so we can get it for ourselves.

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  1. You might have given a reason for me sending you a calendar in late May. You’ve made me the dippy friend. For the record everyone, my dippy friend bought it for me for Christmas and forgot she had and just sent it to me two weeks ago. I already had it because DH bought me the same one so I sent it to Beth because she’s one of my best cyber-friends. So there!

  2. Oops, I didn’t mean to make Lauren look weird. I was just happy to get a goody in the mail! (hangs head in shame)

  3. I love the name of the “organization.”

  4. I got the same calendar for X-mas. I agree with the assessments of the patterns. What is the organization? I missed that somewhere along the way.

  5. ooo! Ooo! OOO!
    For a graphic, if you do get a “St. Helen’s” page going, you should get a picture of an old italian-style oil painting of a saint, and superimpose a halo made of a circular needle on it… i’d volunteer to make one for you, but i don’t think i’m that technologically apt.

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