ex husband naked

People have been looking for this site in some very interesting ways. Over the last few days, literally dozens of people have searched for the Chocolate Sheep blog using search terms related to planetary alignment. I guess you never know what will stand out in someone’s mind when you write. (Granted, if you typed in “knit” you could surely read blogs for hours and never find Chocolate Sheep. There are one or two other knitting blogs.)

Here are some of the terms people have used:

murder of Robert Herndon
To attempt to clarify things, I don’t know who murdered Robert Herndon. I thought this phrase was from my Crafty Fiction list, but I Googled him and apparently he was a real person who was really murdered. I know nothing about this event.

picture of finger knitted sheep
This one mystifies me. Does anyone know why this phrase would have even come up?

I do remember writing about dingleberries. πŸ˜€

top speed of a sheep
“Top speed of a sheep” cracks me up. I don’t know how this one got in somebody’s head either, but I imagine the speed was clocked shortly after shearing. Will any of my shepherd friends back me up on this one? And what is the top speed of a sheep? I can’t imagine them running in a straight line long enough to get the radar gun on them.

ex husband naked
Okay, I can see where this would have been memorable. Too bad this didn’t result in an e-mail from Tracy Pollans Fox asking who the heck I was talking about. That would have been funny. (Trust me, I would have told you about it.)

canadian things in the edible woman
Yes, I used all those phrases. On the same day, and in the same post. But not in a row, people!

On the home front, Tommy has discovered oatmeal. He likes it. And I have another half dozen photos almost identical to this one. Maybe the oatmeal mask helped him feel more photogenic.

Mr. Oatmeal

I finished the Hufflepuff beanie…

Hufflepuff beanie

…and the quilt top. I tried to stitch the pictures together electronically, but it didn’t work. I have a feeling I need to apologize in advance for this version, too. I will hang it properly and take a real picture of it today.

T-shirt quilt top, leftT-shirt quilt top, right

Oh yeah….I got great mail yesterday and took pictures of all of that, too. I’ll save those for tomorrow. Until then, thank you Lauren, eKNITabeth, and Wiley Publishing!


It’s 12:51 my time and someone has already searched for this site using the term naked. Just thought you should know.

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  1. Tommy’s skin will be glowing after that oatmeal mask. πŸ™‚ Your kids are cuties!

    “Canadian things in the edible woman”? How…odd.

  2. Those are hilarious.

    “Picture of finger knitted sheep”, I expect, is someone who wants to assemble finger knitting into a tiny toy sheep, and wants to see a picture of the finished project. Doncha think? That’s a knitting thing, so I can understand it. The others — well, interesting is all one can say.

  3. God, I’m giggling like a maniac. The search terms are insane enough, but oh, that picture of Tommy! His expression! I keep expecting to see a caption with something like, “Ohmigawd, who knew oatmeal could explode?!”

    The Hufflepuff is looking great, and so is the quilt – what’s a little skewedness amongst friends?

  4. I can foresee “cute baby oatmeal face” in future searches.

    And I’d LOVE to hear the ex-husband naked story! ;-Þ

  5. Tommy is a super cutie pie!!!! I so don’t get the search terms? Is that what people are typing in to find you? Are they getting to you from this way? How can you find out how they found you? (Okay–that’s a lot of questions) I can’t wait to see what new projects you start.

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