Free pass

Now, usually, when I mention “free passes” I’m thinking of the husband/wife free passes that (in a good relationship) you offer to your spouse if that certain celebrity hottie strolls up. Just in case someone makes them an offer they can’t refuse, you give them that free pass and let them take advantage (or be taken advantage of, depending on how your fantasies go — I won’t pry) with no penalties from you.

In today’s case, however, I’m talking about actual free passes, for one-day admission to the Bead&Button Show in Milwaukee, June 8-10. I have two of them via my status as a small publisher (hey! I’m Media!), and I’m not attending the show this year.

So I’m giving them away. No trivia contest, no hoops to jump through, no elaborate swaps. Just post a comment to the effect that you want one or both of the passes. Like it or not, those dates are coming up quickly and I want to get them in the mail to someone who’s going to use them.

Check out the official site. It’s an amazing event and I swear I will go someday. Note that the site says the events is actually held June 3-10. That’s true: hundreds of classes in beading, lampwork, wirework, you-name-it, all start before June 8. The tickets I have are actually vouchers for free tickets, which will need to be presented at the Midwest Airlines Center box office.

You can’t get ’em if you don’t ask. So just ask!

In family news, Tommy is bulking up, Jack is telling jokes ( “Mama, I Colleen! Hahahaha!” ), Colleen is teaching everyone everything, and JC is counting down the days until the end of school. I am staring at the dishes, but they’re not doing anything. I think they got a message from the laundry pile — lie low and she won’t bother you.

Knitwise, I did some more of the ribbing for a Hufflepuff beanie while I watched Remington Steele last night. (“Vintage Steele,” highly recommended, with optional commentary by the script author.) I have less than a round before I can switch colors. I’m finding it next to impossible to read the black-yarn stitches I just made (did I purl that?) and only slightly easier to read the ones that are coming up. But I don’t think I’ve screwed it up yet. I still have a fraction of an inch of ribbing to go on the salt & pepper socks, and I’m about halfway down the heel flap of the second baby sock. Moebius lies unfinished.

Yarn dyeing pr0n:

Wine and Roses Merino outside

Hey! Did I ever mention that my friend Lauren spun this up?

The Harlot On Tape box is now residing at 40° 42′ N, 73° 20′ W. It’s going Down South next … heads up, Holly!


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  1. The yarn is gorgeous! Hey, I heard your friend Lauren spun it – is that true? 🙂

    Oh dear…my laundry pile has also figured out that if it’s nice and quiet, I won’t notice it till one of the kids hollers that they’re out of trousers. Too scary.

  2. ooohh purty! The yarn looks sweet!

  3. Try NOT staring at the dishes and see what happens. You never know.

  4. I have my husband wash that laundry pile into submission. That’s the route to go. What kind of publishing do you do? That’s so interesting. I’d have to say my “free pass” would be Colin Firth (SOOO CUTE. . . .SO ENGLISH) ahhhh.

  5. Hall Pass: Jon Stewart, David’s: Angelina Jolie

    Hey, I spun that yarn!

    The laundry and dishes around the world must be rebelling as mine are doing the same and I noticed someone else’s are as well. Oh, well, I guess I should just wait until they get it out of their system and finish spinning Coookie’s first fleece fresh from the mill! Shetland lamb’s wool, yum!

  6. Yup, the comments keep filling in as hughes. Jeepers, I’ll have to pay attention when I comment now on top of everything else..

  7. I would love to have the tickets if you still have them. Please e-mail me if this is possible and I’ll give you my address, or send you a self-addressed envelop, which might be easier for you.

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