First Communion redux

Today was the Mass to celebrate all the second-graders’ First Communions. Of course we rushed in almost dressed, searching for someone who could tie a necktie. JC tried to do it himself at home when I told him he didn’t have to, and he was in tears trying to follow the necktie-tying directions in his Wolf Scout book.

But we got there just in time. I did have to relocate the Wonder Twins and Big Tom to the crying room just as the priest was giving a homily on Unity, because everyone was misbehaving. And at the last second I opted out of the lemonade-and-cookie reception after realizing we were about to shuffle through a series of long lines. We went to the parking lot, where Colleen had a complete meltdown at missing the reception, and I had a meltdown at the fact that two parents had parked in a no parking area and completely blocked my ability to exit the parking lot. One of them even reached into her car to retrieve her son’s backpack and walked past my van into the school while I sat glaring at her.

I was in tears for various reasons today, but JC did look very handsome and I was so proud of all the kids.

JC, First Communion recognition, 5/17/07

At some point I was telling Colleen that we were having this Mass to celebrate all the second graders who had made their First Communion. JC injected, “Actually, I’ve had communion at school Mass a few times now.” Mister Casual. It sounded very Joey Tribbiani. “Oh yeah, *I’ve* had communion *several* times now. No big deal. I’ve got the Jesus in me, how YOU doin’?”

I had a Great Mom Moment tonight when I cracked the Easter Egg on the DVD of the 1986 Transformers movie. I rule, at least on disc 1.

You should probably not even ask how the rest of the day went. But I think I am going out for more wine.

Beaders, take notice tomorrow if you want to score free admission to the Bead & Button Show in June. I have two free passes and I ain’t goin’. Looks like giveaway or swap time. Hmmmm.

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  1. Have you seen Saved! the whole thing about “the Jesus in me” just strikes a chord with the movie.

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