The meme stops here

Okay, random facts time. Let’s get this over with.

Note: I am not tagging anyone as a result of being tagged by two people to do this meme. From the comments I received, it sounds as if that would put us all in therapy. And we don’t want that again, do we?

So here it is: 15 random facts about me, by popular demand. I must say these are pretty pedestrian questions. If you only knew what you could have asked! (And what I would have declined to answer.)

1. If chocolate was suddenly wiped off the face of the earth and you had no way of ever, ever savoring it again, what would you do?

I think I would have a little cry (trust me, that would be tough) and then switch to white wine. Cheap German stuff is fine.

2. Would it be legal?

I’ve been the legal drinking age for quite some time. In fact I was grandfathered in when Ohio changed the legal drinking age to 21, and it drove my lush of a college roommate crazy that I didn’t drink alcohol at all.

3. Aside from chocolate, is there any other foody, beveragey type that you go crazy for?

I’ve already mentioned the wine. So for this one, let’s say big honking tiger shrimp, preferably beached in some fettucine alfredo.

4. Where is the furthest you’ve traveled to?

North: a half hour north of Escanaba, Michigan.
East: Brussels, Belgium. (To fly home from Paris.)
South: Freeport, the Bahamas.
West: Phoenix, Arizona.

5. Share a picture of yourself that you love! (anytime, anyplace)

This predates the digital camera, so you’ll have to wait for it while I take a picture of a print. It will be from a photo shoot my husband did when I was in labor with Jack, in 2004. This would be a digital picture of a black and white print, though, so maybe you’ll just have to use your imagination.

6. Then share one that you don’t love!

I don’t know which one this will be yet. But don’t hold your breath.

7. What was the first item you knit?

I knit this wonderful garter stitch scarf for myself in the summer of 2005. Four skeins of German superwash something or other, plus fringe. I wanted it to be as long as the Doctor Who (Tom Baker) scarf. With the little leftover yarn I learned to purl, and made a tiny scarf for my daughter.

Rainbow scarf

8. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A professional baseball player. And God bless them, no one ever rained on that parade, they let me figure it out for myself. I am truly gender blind when it comes to some things. It took me many years before I noticed there weren’t any girls out there.

9. As an adult, what do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to raise animals, and spin, dye, and sell their yarn. Sheep, llamas, alpacas, Samoyeds, Newfoundlands, Collies, whatever.

10. What was the first movie you saw in the theatre?

Bambi? Wait, I have to go ask my mother. I’ll be right back. But I remember watching Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid at the drive-in with my parents. There was also the time we went to see Charlotte’s Web at the same drive-in and I turned around to see Moonraker. (Note: Mom doesn’t remember the movie either. She did remember Charlotte’s Web, though.)

11. What’s your pron star name? (first pet’s name + street you grew up on = pron name)

Boots Southampton. Veddy English don’t you think? Makes me think of this.

12. What TV or movie character do you feel is closest to you?

Marge Simpson.

13. Or do you strive to be most like?

Laura Holt, please!

14. Will this get you started?

Yes, thank you.

15. I wanna know…if you had to pick ONE type/brand of chocolate, what would it be?

My favorite is Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate with Marzipan. But I am such a sucker for anything with Special Dark on the label. Cocoa, baking chips, kisses filled with cherry cordial, the new Kissables (even though I don’t like Kissables) … you name it. Someday I am going to Hershey, Pennsylvania, and making a total pig of myself.

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  1. OOoh, I’ve been to Hershey 🙂 The entire place SMELLS like chocolate! They even give out free samples. I drove from coast to coast to go there, with a 5 year old in tow!

  2. Another future farmer, I love it 😉

  3. “Boots Southampton” is a gas! Hee-hee!
    I’d be “Pepi Cass”, which sounds more like a love child of Mama Cass than a pron star. Or maybe a romance novelist.

  4. Hi there- I was looking for the part in your blog where you talk about the Eastern Cast on for socks from the most recent IK (which I didn’t see as I admit I was mostly skimming – sorry! I’m on a mission 🙂 But I saw that you love Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate with Marzipan and I must say – that is just about my absolute favorite too! Thanks for sharing!

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