Iron on Wednesday

Does anyone remember the little verse that told you what day of the week was for washing, for ironing, for mending? I don’t know if Wednesday is really supposed to be ironing day, but it seems like all my ironing must be done today or else.

I got two more vertical sashings sewn on to the T-shirt panels last night, then realized that I had better iron everything I had already done before I did any more, or I was in danger of creating a huge mess. Hand stitching isn’t hard to pick out, but ripping out machine stitching really bites. So I’ll have to iron those.

While I had the sewing machine out, I grabbed two fat quarters and started putting together a reversible drawstring bag for the Hopeful Pages Project. I was so sure I could put together something nice with just two fat quarters and no cutting. If it works out, I’ll post the pattern. I am not really Little Miss Sewing Machine, so it took me at least a month to come up with something so simple that I thought I could do it. (Of course, I haven’t done it yet.) So I have to press the drawstring and the bag fabric before I can go on to the next step.

Tomorrow is the school Mass celebrating all the second graders who have made their First Communion at all the different parishes. I actually remembered to buy lemonade for the reception. But the kids will arrive at this Mass dressed as they were on their First Communion day, and change into regular clothes afterwards. So I have to press his dress shirt and slacks. (And tomorrow I will have to make it through Mass with the Wonder Twins and Big Tom, but that’s a whole other headache, and it doesn’t happen until tomorrow.)

I woke up really early today and got to work on my Harlot-recipe salt and pepper socks while it was still quiet. I am still on the ribbing for the first sock. I am supposed to knit 2 inches and so far I have 1.5 inches according to a red plastic Star Wars ruler, which is the first ruler I could find without leaving the living room.

Tom has been eating like a pig since we got the orders to stuff him. Over the last few days he has had toddler formula, applesauce, instant mashed potatoes, off-brand cheerios, strawberry yogurt, bread, fried eggs, and baked macaroni and cheese. Right now he is making a glorious mess of some honey-flavored Teddy Grahams.

Thanks to everyone for granting me a Stash Emergency Exemption I didn’t even ask for. I do feel much better now. If I don’t make it to September or October or whatever, I won’t beat myself up too much.

Spam Quote of the Day

I just wanted to say WOW!!! goose bumps and e-motions, the design of your web page really got me!!! Check my sites ;)

Yeah, that’s great design at work. It was tough to click on “Quentin.” Thanks for your recognition of my hours of labor.

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  1. Hi. Just catching up on my blog reading while I have a minute at work. Glad to see that you have caught the “sock bug” and joined us sock knitters. Now, I’ll do a shameless plug, and add that we might be starting a second round of Summer Sock Swap next month. If you are interested, let me know. Happy Sock Knitting!

  2. I can’t remember how that day of the week thing went, but I do remember the underwear I had as a youngster which told me what day it was. I don’t guess that really helps, though, does it? 😉

    With your busy schedule and demands, I think you deserve carte blanche exemption from sticking to your stash!

  3. Hmm, Wednesday here is “scramble to clean the house in 2 hours before picking kids up from school” Day 😉

    Sounds like you got more done than I have!

    PS Tagged you on my blog.

  4. I have to say that your spammers are much more sophisticated than mine, usually I get a much more half-baked attempt.

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