Knit from your, yeah, whatever

OK, so I was fine with this Knit From Your Stash program (except for the being on probation since January 1 part, but that was an honest mistake and we sha’n’t discuss that) until yesterday. We had a little security scare at the campus yesterday, which ended up being nothing but good practice for the real thing, but still. When it happens right across the corner from the elementary school, at the very minute you are there to pick up your child, and in fact you had to pull over for the passage of an unmarked police car on your way to the school, you tend to freak out a little bit.

I am usually very cool and even funny in an emergency (ask me about my appendectomy sometime, it was a laugh riot!!!), but this time it hit home to me that while I was going into school to retrieve my son, I was leaving the other three in the parking lot even closer to the mystery danger. Karma is one thing, but random disaster is something else.

So I went shopping. First I went grocery shopping because we really did need some things, like milk and cheese pizzas. But I kept throwing comfort foods into the cart, too. If I can’t protect my kids from shooters, at least they will have Pop-Tarts to eat. Don’t argue with a Cancerian Mama when her baby crabs are threatened. That’s what the claws are for, and throw those Ghirardelli extra dark baking chips in there, too, please, homemade fudge will make Mama feel better. I will exercise someday, but right now I just need to feel better.

By the time I got to the checkout lane I knew I would be getting yarn, too. Any kind I wanted. Because I wanted it. So I got cash back from the groceries to pay for the yarn.

I was going to get the Trekking XXL but (thank you Mom for a lifelong training session in value) hit the clearance bins first. Lo and behold, a skein of Sirdar Country Style, cranberry heather I think. Not the same as the wonderful purple I got for Mother’s Day, but coordinating enough for stripes (and only 99 cents). Two skeins of Mission Falls 1824 Merino Superwash (with mismatched dye lots, which is probably why they were there). A skein of Patons Decor in a colorway called Tapestry with all kinds of winey fall jewelly colors. Mine mine mine. And, oh yeah, more pieces parts for stitch markers. If I’m not careful I’m going to look like a beader pretty soon.

Yeah, I feel much safer now. The “crisis” turned out to be that a student brought his lab project to class in something that looked like a gun case. But at least I have my yarn. My children will be protected. And they have three flavors of Pop-Tarts.

So, I might as well kiss Knit From Your Stash goodbye. If I am this unstable, I clearly need more yarn anyway.

And if you need 50 grams of Mission Falls in color 02 to match a dyelot you already have, I’m willing to swap. Let me know.

Oh…I got to pick my prize today from the Charmed Knits KAL drawing. I picked Teach Yourself Visually: Handspinning. The road to you-know-where is paved with free craft books.

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  1. I’ve had a lifelong experience of seeking food when comfort is needed, and my scales reflect it. I guess it really is a good think I don’t have a LYS. 😉

    I’m relieved for you that the threat was only perceived and not real, and meanwhile, the kiddos will think they have the bestest mommy ever for those three flavors of Pop-Tarts. 😀

  2. I give you an exemption. This situation is far bigger than any one person can even begin to percieve by themselves – you need the balls of yarn to help sort it all out – heck, if The Panopticon’s balls of yarn can talk and be named so can yours 🙂

  3. Fellow Cancer mothers unite! Oh Beth, how very scary. Last year there was a shooting across the street from my kid’s school – too close for comfort. I often worry about earthquakes and how I am going to get my family all back together, the price you pay for living in San Francisco. With the authority vested in me, I label this a Genuine Stash Emergency.

  4. I find spending money on (according to clueless people) unneeded things always makes me feel better. That is why I got the fun new magnetic folding chart holder (so little fingers will not move my sticky or magnet and make me lose my place)and sweater design software from Knitpicks, and three new knitting books from Amazon. Oh, and the EZ Knitting Workshop DVD from Schoolhouse Press. I always hope DH will be gone when UPS arrives. You know, there are worse ways to handle stress (some of which I admittedly do, too, shhhhh! I can stop anytime.)

  5. I know how you feel – food and yarn really help calm the nerves. And I know exactly what you’re talking about! Our friend who attends that particular university was visiting us last night (we live just a bit further north) and told us all about it. Creepy.

  6. I’m an enabler.. and believe in the “Expand Your Stash 2007” concept. Sorry, no help here….

    Oh yeah.. I tagged you.. stop on by to see what fer! If you don’t, you owe me yarn. Yep.

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