Mid-May catch-up

Where to start? Mr. Beth was working from home last Thursday and Friday after returning from his trip to Maine…and somehow, when he’s home the routine always changes and I don’t manage to blog. I am going to have to do something about that. 😉

I will just give updates on everything I can think of, Dad style, but with a little more detail.

Mr. Beth got home from the Maine trip (via Boston and Milwaukee) on Wednesday afternoon. He brought me the current edition of the Quilter’s Travel Companion, and a huge cake of hand-dyed sock yarn from End of the World Farms. In fact, we shopped for it together last Monday. Via cell phone I gave him turn by turn directions to Quiltessentials, a knitting and quilting store in Auburn, Maine, and he kept talking to me as he went into the store and sifted through the sale bins. Later he used the cell to e-mail me a picture of the yarn. (This was pretty fun. Yes, I know I’m a geek.)

Quilters Travel Companion

Maine sock yarn

After that conversation I re-dyed the Merino. I mixed up some Grape Kool-Aid concentrate in a squirt bottle, laid the washed and rinsed skeins on a plastic bag one at a time, then applied color, squished it in, and set the color in the microwave. The colors look a little dull again, but I guess it’s better than fakey-bright. I put the skeins in a Longaberger basket and keep carrying them around with me and petting them.

Striped with Grape

Did I ever mention Lauren handspun this Merino? She did a really good job and it is so soft. I am entertaining several notions of what to knit it up into, but for now it makes a very nice pet. I wish my photos didn’t distort the color and wash it out so much!

Wine and Roses Merino

We didn’t end up doing anything special for Tom on his birthday, except the kids sang Happy Birthday to him practically every time they saw him. He had his one-year checkup on Thursday, and he had gained less than a pound in six months. The doc recommended we put him on a formula designed for toddlers, and feed him everything we can think of. They also tapped an arm vein to do some blood work to make sure it’s just lack of calories that is keeping him so small and not a thyroid thing. With all that in mind, I skipped the immunizations. We’ll do those next month when he has some more heft to him. (He weighed 14 pounds, 15 ounces.) You can tell this was taken the day after his birthday because Jack hasn’t ripped the band-aid off his arm yet.

Tommy, one year old

The new kitchen floor was installed on Thursday. I know it is an inexpensive vinyl but it looks so much better than what we had. (And yes, we will be putting up some new baseboard.)

New wonderful kitchen floor

While the floor was being installed, the dogs had to be outside in their doggie area. Sometime during the day, they barked, and the neighbors once again sicced the Humane Society on us. They did this twice in a week when we first moved here. Fortunately I think the Humane Society has a note in the file by now that our neighbors have “issues.” Sigh. I’d better not say anything else. I just hope whoever moves into this house does not have dogs.

I snuck out at some point (Saturday night?) and went to the Blue Bead to get some items for stitch markers. I do not wear jewelry but I can see how this bead thing could be totally addictive. I have my rosary done, so I don’t need to get into this further than stitch markers. But still. Neat stuff there, and it’s a very small shop. So I have most of what I need for the stitch markers I have promised I would make, and a little extra.

No bead pictures here, I have to be able to surprise people once in a while!

At some point I cast one for the pair to the baby sock. As of right now I think I’m ready to do the heel flap, but I want to check the pattern directions again. Colleen says she wants to have a sock collection, all of socks that look just like this one. Urg!

Let’s see…the dumpster came on Friday morning and left this morning. Colleen and Jack helped by throwing the couch cushions in. Then Mr. Beth and I threw in the couch. It was great to see it go. Ann K., I’ll bet you’re happy to see it go, too, though you were nice enough not to say anything about how awful it looked.

Trouble Twins in dumpster

Oh yes, the Mother’s Day update. I scored big on my favorite chocolates, including Dark Chocolate with Marzipan filling, which I recommended to another blogger (I don’t remember who). And I was totally shocked when Mr. Beth had the kids bring in a huge shopping bag containing…the four skeins of Sirdar Country Style purple yarn I whined about not getting from the Herrschners clearance rack! I blogged about it on a Thursday, and he went there on Friday after work and snagged them. Three. Weeks. Ago. Now, you have to understand that when Mr. Beth buys me something he knows is wonderful, it just kills him that he can’t tell me right away. He is usually begging me to let him give it to me immediately. I don’t know how he kept this secret, but the beautiful yarn was sitting in the back of his car for three weeks.

Sirdar Country Style, purple

I have not found the perfect pattern for using the yarn (the sweater I wanted to make with it turns out to call for something super bulky), so I am designing my own seamless sweater a la Elizabeth Zimmermann. I just have to get her EPS explanation in hand so I can figure out the numbers. For the body size I want to have by the time I finish the sweater. I would like to be a Medium.

What else? No quilting progress to report. I still haven’t grafted the Moebius. But I did finish a Hufflepuff beret for the Charmed Knits KAL, and won myself a free craft book for the other HP hats I sent in last week. I get to pick from anything in the Wiley craft catalog, does anyone have any suggestions?

Hufflepuff beret, 5/?/07

Whew! I am sure I am forgetting something. But it’s good to be back. I missed this!

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  1. Wow, Mr. Beth is something. You are a blessed woman! Oh, and my vivid imagination thorougly enjoyed the pictures. My friend who has a craft store downtown has some alpaca yarn that is the softest thing I’ve ever felt. I can’t afford to buy enough of it to really make me anything, so I just go in each week and pet it. 😉

  2. Wow, you have a lot going on! I mean I already knew you did but jeez, woman, and you manage to do all those crafty things on top of home remodeling and child health concerns. I would be a drooling, muttering-to-myself mess wearing an aluminum foil hat. My admiration for you has increased hundred fold.

    BTW, I like how the yarn turned out and thanks for mentioning I spun it.

  3. My first thought, also, was WOW! As I see, your other commenters had the same thought. When you catch up, you do it and then some!

    A day at a time — just keep repeating to yourself — one day at a time —

  4. So did we.

    Hey, so who spun that yarn again…?

  5. You are too funny – cell-phone guided yarn buying. As for little babe, we were in the same boat, though no arm stick, so we amped up the calories with peanut butter on everything and whole milk all the way. Our doc is not as concerned anymore. Can’t wait to see the yarn knit in all it’s kool aid glory, subtle color variation is good.

  6. I don’t think you are a geek at all for shopping via cell phone. If my husband called me up and did that I would be thrilled! I’m happy to hear the house is coming along!

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