Don’t mess with Mother Nature

Well, here’s the update on Mama Robin. After I moved her nest from

Mama Robin


Nest in tree

we had some rain last night. While I was talking to Mr. Beth this morning I looked out the window and saw

Nest on ground

I went outside to check. No Mama Robin hanging around. One smooshed egg. One empty nest. Three eggs unaccounted for. There are several possible scenarios, but since the eggs weren’t that far along I am hoping Mama is somewhere else making a new nest and laying new eggs. I bagged the nest and sent it along to the elementary school for a science exhibit. Last year I found a cocoon and his class got to watch a moth emerge, so it’s kind of a trend.

No knitting last night, not that I remember. But I did stop at the new quilt shop after a couple of hours worth of futile escapades with an appliance dolly. The short version is the fridge is still in the kitchen, but Mr. Beth will be able to muscle it to the garage this afternoon. (He is bringing me hand-dyed sock yarn from a small sheep farm in Maine, so I will have to be extra nice!)

kitchen before new floor

Oh, yes, this is much better. Now I just have to find places for two filled filing cabinets, three plastic crates, and everything that’s sitting on all of the above, and pull the rest of the baseboard and quarter round. And contact someone to be here to disconnect the gas stove and reconnect it on Friday. And the antiques guy, so he can pick up the desk and chair I’m selling. And add some more color to the Merino. You thought that I thought that you forgot about that, didn’t you? I am taking pictures at each step but won’t do a reveal until the fun is done.

I don’t want to forget Big Tom. He is one year old today! I will be baking mini chocolate cupcakes, but since the kids say he doesn’t have enough teeth to eat them, I thought maybe we would all dine on applesauce, pudding, and Jell-O. First birthdays are a little ridiculous anyway, why not make them extra silly? I will have pictures and stats tomorrow after his checkup tomorrow.

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  1. Happy Birthday – don’t let the big kids tell you what to do, you must have gums of steel. What do they think saliva is for? Bring on those cupcakes!

  2. Ah, so sorry to hear about the fate of the Robin’s eggs. I’m sure the school kids will get a kick out of the nest, though.

  3. Happy Birthday Tom! I hope it was a good and messy one!

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