Perfectly good Merino

Since the floor men are coming the day after tomorrow, it’s probably time to start my yarn dyeing experiment while the old yucky floor is still here.

Here is the old yucky floor. Foot square self-stick tiles inappropriately laid onto subfloor. They are cheap and brittle, and have been coming up ever since we moved in. In some places I have taped them down with masking tape, which is ever so attractive.

Old Yucky Floor

The whole process is a lot of work, and it will look much worse before it looks better, but it’s part of getting the house on the market so we can actually make offers on the nice stuff we find, like the rectory. Now, for a much nicer picture. Here is some perfectly good Merino wool, sent to me by one of my best virtual friends, Lauren:

Perfectly good Merino

And here are the other parties in this big event:

Dye kettle Kool-Aid packets

As always, I’ll keep you posted. Oh, and for those of you who are keeping track: Last night I watched “Steele in the News,” original air date March 4, 1983, and a featurette on the use of screwball comedy and old movies in the series.

Oh, and does anyone else remember that was about a week before the world was supposed to end because of planetary alignment? I believe the actual date was March 10, 1983. I wrote it in my school planner: World Ends. Close one, wasn’t it? Maybe that was all the preparation we needed for January 1, 2000.

Kudos to my spam catcher

I just noticed that WordPress’s spam-catching software, Akismet, has caught 3,000 pieces of spam for me. Considering I have had just over 200 legitimate comments, having a great spam interceptor in place is saving me tons of time.

But if you ever want access to Italian pr0n or cheap prescription drugs, let me know and I’ll turn that puppy off.

Amazingly, almost all of this junk is coming from a single IP address. This person has discovered ways to latch onto college URLs, possibly professor web pages, and spam from there. It’s like a little subplot to the whole blogging thing. Who is this guy, really? Where will he spam from next? Who’s interested in Italian nudity? And wow, there must be a massive market for these drugs, most of which I have never heard of. Last week there was a run of about three days where no new spam was reported. I thought, “All right, they shut him down!” But no. Eventually he was back, offering links to drugs that I dare not name for fear of getting twice as much spam. I kind of missed him.

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  1. Ha! I remember the World Ends Due to Planetary Alignment scare! I was 11. And it reeeeeally scared me. That was my first lesson in not believing everything I read. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see your yarn post-Kool-Aid!

  2. Oh thank God I wasn’t aware of the Planetary Alignment scare! Around 1984 I happened to catch some of a show on Nostredamus predictions at a neighbors house where they said the world would end(or something as equally horrifying to a 9 year old) in 2004 – let me tell you, I was even nervous having a second child in that year – what would I do with a tiny baby and the world ending? I logically never believed it, but the scared to death 9 year old inside of me never let me forget it.

    I can’t wait to see how the experiment worked out for you!

    Italian pr0n hu— maybe someday – snicker 🙂

  3. I’m rooting for red. NO FLAMINGO PINK, NO FLAMINGO PINK!!! (You could have mentioned I handspun the stuff, by the way. 🙂

  4. We are the vinyl men,
    We are the floor men….

    (Sorry, T.S.)

    Akismet has done well by me too – and I too, in the past few days, have noticed that most of my spam has been coming from one or two specific addresses. But what I really love is the word salad they produce by way of teaser text for their “messages.” I think my favorite so far is “financial services plankton,” but the night is still young….

  5. Masking tape and merino – one an antidote to another. So you had to dye – get the mess out of the way before the floor guys came? Or start big messy project before other big messy project. Ah, a woman after my own heart.

  6. I don’t remember the World Ending. I was too young. And thank you for no spam! I hate spam!

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