So…here’s the house.

OK, this has to be a quick post so I can get in front of TV as soon as Charlie and Lola is over so I can tape the Tigger Movie. (Yes, this is my life. Shut up.)

Here is the back of the house. We didn’t take any pictures of the front.

The House, back

Here is the “house next door.” The now-vacant St. Katharine Drexel. (It really screams “church,” doesn’t it?)

St. Katharine Drexel

Here is the dining room. (There is another china cabinet in the hallway between the kitchen and the dining room.)

The House, dining room

Here is one picture of the freakin’ ATTIC. You could almost have a ballroom up here.

The House, attic

And here is the window at the landing of the grand stairway. It must have been 6-8 feet high. I didn’t even try to calculate it. Does anyone know Polish? Catholic Polish?

The House, the stained glass window

There is also a 2-car garage with attic, plenty of parking, a grassy yard, a sunny kitchen, and lots of extra rooms and closets and doors that go everywhere. What it has for the money is amazing. You just don’t know what will happen when the church and school and convent next door are sold. Who will buy them? What would they want to turn them into?

Knitwise, here’s the FO I mentioned. I realized I had never finished anything for Mr. Beth so decided to make him a hat. This is the Charmed Knits beanie in the large size, in Marquette colors. (Note: Marquette, NOT Michigan. I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, and I do NOT make Michigan apparel.) He has a grown-up head and this was still so big he can turn the bottom up. (Note: if you are doing the Charmed Knits KAL, do not make this size thinking it will fit a child. Make the small.)

Marquette beanie

And now … just in time to log out and tape the movie … the Number One reason why I cannot exercise right now:

Mama Robin

Yes, on top of the bottom bracket of my beloved 1984 Schwinn Le Tour Luxe is a robin’s nest. I took four flash pictures and Mama Robin didn’t go anywhere. But we are getting the Dumpster this weekend and unloading almost everything in this part of the garage, so I will have to call someone to professionally relocate the nest. Poor Mama.

OK, the lines are open! Comments? Don’t be shy!

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  1. I stumbled across your blog a few days ago while surfing the web. I don’t know where “the job” is,or where you live now, but Beaver Dam is a lovely town. I own a yarn shop in Mayville, just about twentt minutes away,,,,mostly east. ( Also, I can give you tips on how to find Susan’s shop, her address is Columbus, but the shop is in the country)

  2. Sorry, I mistyped my email addy on the last post.
    Also here is my website

  3. Beautiful!!! I love it, so much character and history; I’ve always wanted an historic home to fix up. Does it have a ghost? It looks like it would but a nice one with the church next door and all. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the person who bought the church next door would fix it up to live in. That’s another thing I’ve always wanted to do.

    BTW, where are you going to put the sheep?

  4. Another thing, that attic looks like a superb fiber/ craft room, doncha think?!

  5. So… is this IT? You FOUND it?

    It looks wonderful. I have no business being jealous, because my house is also 5/2 with two (count ’em) attics, one of which is already a Yarn Room… but the woodwork and the closets are distinctly droolworthy, as is the next-door view (AKA what I recently saw referred to as “direct abutter,” I kid you not).

    I might be able to help a little with the Polilsh if I could *see* it. Got a close-up? I’m betting the first word is “God.”

    Poor mama! Can’t you find a way to leave her be till the Eggs hatch?

  6. BUY IT! Looks gorgeous! We have houses with that type of woodwork around here, and they go up and up in value, regardless of what’s next door. It is indeed drool-worthy. I see plenty of craft-room happening in the attic…maybe even a business name, like : Attic Quilts by Beth, or something.

    And that is one of the best reasons I have ever come across for not exercising. Wish I had one as compelling…

  7. That’s a beautiful house! Definitely good vibes. Here in Green Bay, an advertising company recently bought an old church and turned it into an office building. It’s lovely. I wonder how the church is zoned — could it be used commercially like that, or only for personal habitation?

  8. The house is GORGEOUS!

    If there’s a nearby tree with a crook of branches that’s accessible by a ladder (high enough to be safe from a cat), you could simply move the nest there. The mother would fly away when you reach for the nest, but move it slowly, giving her a chance to watch you to see where you go with it. She’ll return to it as long as she can find it. You wouldn’t want to leave her away from it for very long, though.

  9. Holy Cow!! I go on a two month blog hiatus and you’re all, “buyin’ a new house and stuff.” Beaver Dam is on my way to Madison. I’ve still not found Susan’s Fiber Shop, when you do let me know. The house is be-u-tee-ful but you’ll have to knock out the driveway for pasture. Do you spin?

  10. Hey, Beth, that house looks awesome! I’m a sucker for brick, and our house is of roughly the same apparent vintage (but not brick); but less built-in woodwork, and the attic is not even close to the same size! (The guy who owned our house in 1891 when it was built was a laundry owner, not a priest, so I guess that accounts for some of the differences!) I’m envious! (My yarn is up in the attic, but just for storage, and you have to duck your head a bit to get to some of it.)

    I’m not Polish, but here you are, courtesy of the wonder that is the Internet:
    “The proof that it is a Polish church can be seen on the front entrance where three Polish words “Boze Zbaw Polske”, or God Save Poland, are inscribed.”

    How cool is it that LYS owners are posting comments to tell you where to find them! Thanks, Michele, that’s so awesome! Wish I lived closer…

  11. That house is amazing – such grand built-ins and the robin, making its own house.

  12. I took one look at the house and thought, “Next to a church and school and convent that could be turned into anything, but who cares? Gorgeous!” Then I saw the *woodwork* inside and started drooling. Geesh, in that attic even the roof is beautiful.

    But most of all, it was a case of instant house-envy. Hang what they might do with the other buildings. For all you know it might end up being a private school, super-conveniently located for your kids. Or an arts center. Ok, traffic, but… Oh heck; just start a campaign to entice some group there to open a yarn store, turn the school into a fiber arts center with classes, the church into a museum/showcase, the convent a B&B for seminar students, and *you* could enjoy living close to it all. Hey; one can dream! 😉

  13. The house is gorgeous. And the church? Maybe you can take out a business loan and turn it into a yarn store/knitting retreat! Whoo hoo!

  14. To Whom Concerned:

    I am interested in the church and parsonage. Please inform me as to whom I should contact. Thank you.

    Pastor Warren Dayton

  15. My email is

  16. Just as an FYI: the church next door to the house was St. Michael’s Catholic Church. St. Katherine Drexel is the new name of the combined parishes of St. Peter, St. Patrick and St. Michael. The house (the former rectory of the parish) and the church and former convent has been sold to someone who (from what I hear) is turning the house into a bed and breakfast and the church into some kind of a banquet hall that can be rented for many different occasions.

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