Just a shortie

I didn’t mean to get so deep with that last post. I started writing about what I saw out the window and it just kept building. I guess I needed to get all that out!

Well, we looked at the blue house again today, and one down the street as well. We didn’t know it until we got there, but it’s the former rectory for St. Katharine Drexel, which is the victim of parish consolidation in Beaver Dam. The church building and the school are also on the market. These buildings and the current rectory make a kind of mini-campus on their corner lot.

The house was amazing. Two bathrooms and FIVE bedrooms upstairs. Doors leading to everywhere. And every bedroom had a closet, which is amazing for the era. Woodwork galore. The whole house has an insane amount of character. I will post some key images tomorrow. The only problems are (a) it’s at the very top of our price range, (b) who knows who will buy the church next door and what they might turn it into [the realtor is doing more research on that property this week], and (c) it’s still an hour’s drive away from The Job. But it’s being rented out now and looks to be in very good shape.

I took my knitting with me because I was promised an hour of in-car knitting time. However, the plans changed on me and I never got to so much as touch the yarn. The Yarn House in Elm Grove is closed on Sundays and I didn’t have time to find Susan’s Fiber Shop in Columbus, so I was SOL again. I’m trying to tell myself that once we move I will be closer to these new places and there’s no need for the urgency to treat myself. I’m just stressed and I. Want. Stuff.

Time to go to bed. Pictures of house and the previously mentioned FO tomorrow, along with the best reason I have for not exercising.

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  1. What do you want (yarn wise) because there is a gift provision in the knit from your stash, correct? Those of us who have much yarn that needs knitting – like me – might be able to help.

  2. Yay!
    Our house has character and is also (almost) an hour away from The Jorb…
    If we didn’t get a contemp. style house, I would’ve pushed for a big farm house kinda like the one you’re getting!
    Peachy-keen, jelly bean!

    PS – did i mention you are the one redeeming quality of Ohio… (Sorry, I’m not Penn State fan, per se, but i’ll still root against OSU any day ;D)

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