Secret project FO

I just finished something I’ve been knitting for two days. I won’t post a picture until I can gift it. Do you think it might be for you?

Tomorrow night I will be back to another secret project. I can’t wait until this one is done and I can take pictures. You absolutely will not believe I have been working on this one!

Tomorrow is the cultural festival. I have been back and forth about taking the kids there by myself but it is just soooo interesting and I really want to be able to take pictures and post them. I will strap Jack into the double stroller so maybe that will give me a chance. The diversity in this county is unimaginable. Part of this year’s festival is a celebration of 150 years of Polish heritage. There are large numbers of Polish, German, Russian, Irish, Hmong, Mexican, and Scandinavian people here, and I’m sorry for leaving anyone out. You’d better believe me that the lunch options are something I am really looking forward to. (The kids, not so much, but they still want to go.) There will also be dancing, and music, and craft sales and demos, plus the food, and tons of people (free admission). It’s stimulus overload. I don’t remember, is that good or bad for undiagnosed ADD? Does that trigger hyperfocus or will I just flip out? Never mind, I will probably have to drag the kids out after five minutes anyway. (Don’t even ask how Scouts went last night.)

Oh yeah…I’m also shipping off my Gryffindor hats to Warm Woolies, the Charmed Knits designated charity. They’re already sealed in the envelope. Bye bye, babies. (But I bought new yarn this week, and Hufflepuff is next. One of each style should do it.)

Tonight’s RS episode: “Steele Crazy After All These Years,” with guest stars Annie Potts and Allyce Beasley (better known as Agnes DiPesto in Moonlighting, a couple of years later).

Here’s some chocolate for you. Sorry, it’s all gone now. They said there were three servings in this bag but they LIED.

Special Dark covered almonds

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  1. There is never enough chocolate…

    The festival sounds like fun, I hope you get to enjoy some of it!

  2. Annie Potts – loved my Designing Women.

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